Video: Death Knight AoE Grinding - Zero Downtime

In case you missed my previous video on How to AoE with a Death Knight, go watch it first.

For this new video I couldn't use my usual Death Knight (Jame), he's too high level now. However, I've got a sexy replacement, a level 62 Human DK called Yuumei.

Yuumei is wearing the DK starting area full blue set and is specced Unholy: 0/0/53

She has no glyphs sadly. With only a Glyph of Death Strike she would do much better, so what you'll see in the video is just a glimpse of what you can do with a Death Knight at this level already. After you watch the video, try to imagine what I could have done with slightly better equipment and full glyphs (and no lag :P).

Anyway, please watch the video and if you like it, go to Dailymotion and give it a good rating :)

Here's the video, I highly recommend watching it in High Quality (simply click on the HQ button):


Death Knights can really AoE like crazy. However, I wouldn't use this as a main source of leveling. There are a lot of external factors which could make it much worse than what you saw in the video (Other players fighting with you for spawns, possible deaths if you get unlucky or screw up, etc).

Instead, I'd follow the quest circuits of my leveling guides and whenever the opportunity arises, have some AoE Fun!

24 Response to "Video: Death Knight AoE Grinding - Zero Downtime"

  1. Whyzer says:

    OMG awsome movie.... this aoe craziness is one of most awsome things i have ever seen. Is there any part of your guides that can be done this way?

    p.s. your my new hero ;)

    Sebbe says:

    First of all, great work on all your guides! They are simply awesome.

    And as for the reason I'm writing this is because, I'm woundering if you've thought about giving tips on where to place all the death knight's abilitys on the action bar in your guide? I think it would be a great addition if you havn't done so already, which if you have makes this a pretty useless post :P

    Anyways! keep up the good work I'm looking forward to following your guide at the release of wotlk!


    Storm says:

    Unholy shit! That was amazing! I'm in shock.. just wow. Keep amazing us, more videos!

    Greyskies says:

    Your video alone makes me want to roll a DK more than ever before. I'll be sure to use your guides too. Can't beat'em!

    Anonymous says:


    INSANE AOE power! I love it!
    Thanks for posting the new video, it really helped me understand my questions from the previous video, and it really demonstrated the synergy of the DK abilities.

    You say it isn't effective to use this technique often due to outsider factors (like other people), though if I'm lucky enough to find a patch of outland not being zerged with the rest of the Death Knight rerollers, I might just use this little baby. It may be worthwhile to invest into some stacks of health potions to ease the risk factor.

    Of course quest xp is always more fun and effective that a pure grind so I would definately follow your guide in regard to that. I guess I like to spice things up abit with some riskier game styles :P

    Jame says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments :)

    @whyzer Yes of course. Many. For example, the buzzard mass killing is part of a quest in my Outland guides, and there are many others like that :p

    @sebbe It's funny you say that, because I initially wanted to do this, but then I thought it would be going too far and that people wouldn't like being told even how to set up their action bars. However, if I'm wrong, I might do an extra section for that.
    I'm kind of a freak about my action bars, they are very organized and everything is hotkeyed, with prioritization for the more important skills.
    So if that's useful for some people, I'll share :p

    @Lorelol Well yes of course, a little grinding never hurt anyone if they don't mind it. But you have to quest, or what will become of my guides?! ^^

    Sebbe says:

    I thought about that too, however I feel that if you only mention where you'd prefer to place a newly obtained ability people might choose differently :) since it after all comes down to gamestyles ^^

    Anonymous says:


    Don't worry dude, you have more than proven yourself from your previous guides. I won't be abandoning them for an AOE-fest anytime soon. And yes, I would be one of those people very interested to see how you set up your UI and hotkeys.
    Noone should take offense if you post that - hell noone is forcing them to read this blog in the first place! This piece of work is all your own opinion (backed up by extensive testing and research, verified by the facts yielded by said tests, and placed into a logical arguement) so yeah go nuts, its one of the few areas of the death knight I am unfamiliar about.

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Been a while since I read your blog Jame, what with my wife's car crash and all. I had a lot to catch up on, and once again, you've truely outdone yourself.

    I would also be interested in a UI guide. I come here to read your blog because I am inexperienced. I look for tip, tricks, and advice. I think most others do the same and would be really interested if you shared your thoughts on your setup.

    Thanks again Jame, and I'll be looking in on ya more often now that things have settled!

    Anonymous says:

    Looks like you got some love from the folks over at

    Storm says:

    Oh, so I had absolutely no idea where I should post this... so I'm here.

    For tradeskills after the expansion, 300-375 is supposed to be easier, do you have any estimate on when a revised guide for those could be released?

    I've been squandering away gold and materials to get blacksmithing and alchemy to 300, and want to continue on to 375, but no idea how much easier things will be, and don't want to waste gold over buying, thanks =)

    Jame says:

    Hey Storm. I'm sorry, but I really have no idea about that, I haven't had the time to even start with tradeskills yet since I got into the WotLK beta :p

    barry says:

    Thanks for the video Jame, excellent music choice.

    Here is my vote for a little section about your UI recommendations, etc.

    As the above poster mentioned, professions... any recommendations? I am planning on leveling two gathering professions on the way to 80, just to make sure I have plenty of gold for mounts, gear, etc. (I know I know, I should already have 10,000 gold saved up, but I can't bring myself to do dailies/farm anymore) After this I will take on at least one crafting profession, but I have no idea which one may be the best for a DK. I know you are busy with the guides - THANKS! - but any blurbs about strengths / weaknesses of professions for a DK would be awesome. My research thus far has been inconclusive :( If you don't have time for this - understood - but if anyone else would like to chime in, that'd be great!

    Also I thought I might add, I appreciate your positive attitude and insight - it seems so rare to find someone not complaining about every aspect of life in their blogs.. :)

    Storm says:

    Thought I'd just leave my 2 cents about what prof's do go for with a DK.

    Alchemy is almost a must, due to the buffs you gain now for mastering trade skills, alchemy gets a 20% buff to duration AND effect. Other than that, I just personally thing going blacksmithing for tanking gear is best for me. Good luck picking!

    Seth says:

    Great video, great blog, great guides. I've been using your guides for a while and just found this blog through

    I used to aoe grind those exact buzzards with my Paladin. I would pull 8-10 most of the time. I would have to wait for them to respawn!

    On another note, have you tried tanking with DK's? How is it? whats the spec? are you gonna put DK tanking stuff in your guide?

    Jame says:

    No tanking stuff in my leveling guide. I'll write a seperate guide for tanking with a DK :P

    Haven't been tanking lately with the DK since they made all those changes to frost presence, D&D and pestilence so I can't really say, but I'd wager DK tanking should be fine now in instances.

    Gyro says:

    i think my eyes just drooled, or it might of been tears of sheer aww factor. Great vid!

    Anonymous says:


    I followed the bandwagon and rolled a DK. I *adore* it so far. I'm level 62 and playing Unholy (with the exception of two points in Butchery) and thinking of going pure Unholy as you have listed on your spec. What I'd love to know is the rotation you use and how you have your bars set up. The damage you did during that video was far more than what I do with my DK. I think I'm going wrong somewhere. I'm also still using the full blue completion set of the DK quest chain except for the boots which I replaced with Fel Iron Boots. I only have a Glyph of Death Strike that I can remember, but I know I have two. From what I can see in the video I like your addons as well. What are they? All of your buttons and cooldowns show in the bottom left corner, and everything is so neat and clutter free.

    Any help you can give, advise, instruct, etc. would be extremely helpful. Not just with my DK, but with all nine of my other toons.

    What I'd like to know most is:
    1: Your rotation on your DK in the video.
    2: Your hotbar setup.
    3: Your addons.

    Anonymous says:

    What addon are you using for your bars? That looks exactly like what I want.

    nrockway says:

    nice video, but i don't understand why you don't mount up to aggro everything. also, i've found that aoeing in frost stance is more effective.

    nrockway says:

    nice video, but i don't understand why you don't mount up to aggro everything. also, i've found that aoeing in frost stance is more effective.

    nrockway says:

    nice video, but i don't understand why you don't mount up to aggro everything. also, i've found that aoeing in frost stance is more effective.

    Anonymous says:

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