WoW-Pro Leveling Addon - How the launch went

The Cataclysm launch went very well. I dinged 84 last night with my character, and I did that while:
  • Editing mistakes I saw in the leveling addon files
  • Sleeping and eating (granted, I don't sleep much) normally!
  • Only took the morning off on tuesday, which means I almost did normal work hours since the release and still managed to hit level 84 last night around midnight in Uldum while taking notes and updating the leveling guides as I went.
This just shows how good our leveling addon is! It allows for such fast leveling, without ever having any downtime being stuck on a quest. I'll hit level 85 tonight easily, while taking notes to update the Twilight Highlands guide ;)

And it keeps getting better, as our team of guide writers and testers go through our guides several times, we spot mistakes or things that could be optimized, and we improve them!

Cataclysm is out since only 3 days, and we already got tons of updates, which will be implemented in the next Addon Update (coming soon!).

Meanwhile, if you can't wait and want the latest versions, I've uploaded the new Uldum file, which I just re-optimized myself. It should be near perfect now:

Download: WoW-Pro Leveling Addon - Updated Uldum File

And of course, our Uldum Leveling Guide gets you the following zone achievements:

About addon leveling speed: I honestly don't think there can be a faster way to level up. I was level 82 in about 7 hours of /play after the launch, and that's with:

  • A very poorly equipped character which I hadn't played since he hit level 80 back then in WotLK!
  • All the overcrowding and fighting over the same NPCs with other players. I even lost 20 minutes on a certain quest in Mount Hyjal, it was hell.
  • I was taking notes as I went! Wasting time alt-tabbing between the game and my notepad.
So just imagine the kind of leveling speed you can get without all those hinderances ;)

All in all, I'm extremely happy and impressed with the our Leveling Addon, and I can't wait to do a speed run with a new character once it's all finished.

I'll post my results of course once I'm there, so stay tuned (list of our feeds, twitter, facebook, newsletter, etc) for more leveling guides and addon updates!