Video: Death Knight AoE Killing - Basics

As you know, I'll be doing class specific guides in the future and the first one will be for the Death Knight class. I've decided to make tutorial videos to help illustrate my guides, and here's the first one.

It's nothing special of course, I just made it quickly to give you guys an example on how to AoE stuff as an Unholy DK. The video quality is low on purpose because it's only a temporary video, the real one will be in high quality and I'll spend more time on it as well to make it all nice and shiny.

This probably won't be useful to expert DK players, but who knows, you might learn a thing or two, or you might just like the song! Anyway, watch it and tell me what you think.

This is done with a level 61 Death Knight wearing the DK starter blue set, no enchants, no glyphs.
Talent spec is Unholy: 0/0/52

ps: This was done on sunday evening on the European Server during peak time, a.k.a lag fiesta, so don't be surprised if my reflexes seem slow at times. It still gets the job done though.
Also, I forgot to write that you have to use Blood Boil again as soon as your blood runes are up again. This wasn't really needed in this video though, as you can see they die like flies already :p

Here's the video, please watch it in High Quality (simply click on the HQ button):

24 Response to "Video: Death Knight AoE Killing - Basics"

  1. lorelol says:


    Awesome video. I'm planning to use the method shown by that video to help speed up the leveling grind. Reading about how to do it just isnt the same as someone showing you. Keep up the good work.

    Jame says:

    Thank you :)

    I'll add more videos in the future and they'll look much more polished than this one too.

    I'm surprised so few comments have been posted on this video though, I'd like to hear more opinions on it.

    Storm says:

    Darned good job, will really help with those bad situations everyone inevitably run into while questing. Great explanation, and real time vs. the slow was good to see. Can you show a DPS meter in one corner for the more in depth version later?

    Whyzer says:

    Hello, few questions: which lvl is this video?

    Could you do some vids about aoe/unholy from 58 to 60 lvl?

    And aoe grinding on lvl 70?

    Also a question: how good is blood spec at more mob pulls such as this one?

    lorelol says:


    I actually have thought of a question about AOE grinding in general. What level mobs are you able to perform this technique on without major threat to your health? And roughly how many per pull?
    I saw at the end of that sequence you still seemed to have around 90% health and what looked like 50% Runic long can you keep that up before a rest break?

    Jame says:

    This was done with a level 61 Death Knight, with the quest blues from the DK Starting zone. This is in HFP penninsula and all mobs are level 60-62

    I actually end the fight at 100% HP.

    In my experience, you can AoE packs of 4 to 6 mobs without ever needing a break.

    7 starts to feel a little more dangerous but still managable. 8-10 is where it gets dicey, and it depends what type of mobs you're fighting as well.

    But anyway, even if you end up low HP after a big 7+ mob pull, you don't need a break either. All you have to do is find a solo mob and heal yourself back up on it :P

    With blood, it's also possible but you won't kill things as fast. You can still take on 6-7 mobs at the same time, but for that you'll have to use Mark of Blood / Vampiric Blood. So obviously, you can't chain packs of 5+ as Blood, adn you'll kill them slower as with an Unholy Build (Unholy as 2 extra diseases, wandering plague and a damage bonus to all diseases, which is why it kills so much faster. 4 Diseases also means big heals with Death Strike, allowing you to survive those big pulls without using any cooldown).

    I'll make another video soon with 7-8 targets at a time.

    Jasper says:

    Hey man,

    Great video! I'm planning on creating a DK too and these videos sure could help out a lot! Keep m coming! :D



    Jame says:

    Will do ;)

    Greyskies says:

    Thanks for the video. Showing exactly what skills you're using on the video is very helpful. Lets you follow along more easily. Can't wait to see more!

    lorelol says:


    One other request for when you post your new AOE grinding video. Are you able to run any estimated projections on the ammount of experience earned per hour (or half hour, what ever time slot you think is best), by using your technique?

    Jame says:

    I could try. It's just difficult to be realistic though, because there are external factors (other players) which prevent you from chaining 5-7 mob packs :p

    John says:


    I noticed you didn't use D&D. Why not?

    Jame says:

    Death and Decay costs 3 runes to be activated. 1 Blood 1 Unholy 1 Frost. And it doesn't do that much damage for what it costs. It's mostly a high threat AoE ability for tanking multiple mobs.

    Instead of D&D you could use one blood boil and one death strike/scourge strike, which is more damage altogether.

    Rory says:

    James could you give us a look at what talents you had for this video?

    Cheers Mate


    Jame says:

    Added Talent info in the blog post. :)

    Marc says:

    Hey man,

    Nice work. However the build link isn't working for me. Is there anywhere else where you've posted the link, or can you repost it? I just wanted to see how you distributed your points.

    Jame says:

    Should work now, try again.

    Dominik says:

    i liked it, thx for adding

    Paweł says:


    Could you post a screenshot to let me see what keybindings you use? Keybindings is something important to me. With my other chars I worked out good configuration, but playing DK is something new to me and wanted to see what do you use.


    Jame says:

    I'll do that as soon as I get a little time :P

    fors says:

    Amazing video, been searching for something similar and here it was, everything i wanted to know. in the future, if you could a tanking-guide for warriors would be much appriciated. like: good build, how to tank grps and keep aggro, action-cycle and so on. Thanks alot !

    Jame says:

    I'll see what I can do ;) My warrior was a main tank back in the days, but right now he's collecting dust ^^

    Jonathan says:

    Thank you so very much for your spec posts and vids!

    I'd been playing around with my unholy DK but just couldn't get my rotations down. Sure I killed the mobs, but I didn't properly have a feel for how to use the mechanics of half my skills... which is kinda detrimental to get a working rotation.
    Your vids have enabled me to tighten my spec and aoe grind instead of just taking 1 or 2 at a time - thanks man! :D

    I just started playing DK and was wondering how exactly to kill 5-6 mobs at same time. Thanks!