Leveling Addon Speed: Horde side Chapter 2

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of udpates, I've just been busy.

However, this is going to change real soon, I'm gonna go back to my old habits and provide you with new articles several times a week.

For starters, I need to hurry up and continue with the speed testing of the WoW-Pro Leveling Add-on (Alliance). Expect a new chapter before the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Jiyambi just released the second chapter of her Speed Testing character on the horde side. Check it out, it's a good read (and you can see her wearing only underwears !)

Leveling Addon: Big update!

Hey folks!

We've got a big update for the Leveling Addon today, especially on the horde side. Make sure to download the latest version.

A next chapter of the Adventures of Holyjame should follow in the coming few days, stay tuned ;)

List of Changes


WoW-Pro-TourGuide_Alliance v 0.6.2 -- Update March 13th 2009

  • FIXES: to Snowflake's Draenei Guide (1-12)
  • FIXES: to Sven's Bloodmyst Leveling Guide (12-20)


WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Horde v0.5 -- Updated March 13th 2009

  • NEW: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide | Coder: Gethe |
  • NEW: Shinke's Tauren Starter | Coder: TzTz |
  • REVAMP: Zerinj's Orc Starter
  • REVAMP: Snowflake's Blood Elf Starter
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 21-31
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 31-41
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide 41-51
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Hellfire Penninsula
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Zangarmarsh
  • REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Terokkar

Enjoy and please help us test and improve the addon!