Northrend Leveling Guides - Status

It's been a long time I haven't updated you guys on the status of my leveling guides for Wrath of the Lich King. Right now, I must say I'm a little worried, because this is taking longer than what I had expected, and I really hope I'll finish them in time.

Why is it taking so long you might ask? For 2 reasons:

1. I'm playing on the European Beta server, and it's very laggy, sometimes it's downright unplayable. This is slowing me down tremendously.
2. Each level is actually taking a big amount of experience, involving a lot more quests per level than what we're used to. The zones are huge and all contain an incredible amount of quests. That's a good thing, because that's a lot of fun, but when it comes to writing a leveling guide, it takes a lot of time for each level.

Just to give you an idea, from level 70 to 71, my horde leveling guide contains 27 pages and over 60 images. And this is just to get to level 71. Just try to imagine how many pages it's gonna take me to go all the way to level 80, and then double that number, because I need to do one for the Horde and one for the Alliance.

I'm giving it my all though, every little bit of free time I have currently is spent on writing those guides. If they take down the beta servers too soon, I won't be able to finish the guides before the release.

Don't worry though, if this happens, I will publish what I have finished during the beta and I will do my best to finish the rest quickly after the release.

In any case, wish me luck, and pray for blizzard to postpone their release date by 2 or 3 weeks. (j/k)


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  1. Eternity says:

    """In any case, wish me luck, and pray for blizzard to postpone their release date by 2 or 3 weeks"""

    xD j/k

    *send kudos and good lucks*

    Andy says:

    Oh well, I appreciate your guides so much its fine if you release it late. If you don't finish the Ally guide, I'll just start leveling a Death Knight with your DK guide ^.^

    Tarciryan says:

    Even if you release them 1-2 months AFTER the release of WotLK, it's still high quality guides, for free, released shortly after live release. That's nothing to sniff about! :-)

    Andrew says:

    Hey. I'm fine if you're late with your guild. Frankly, I want to semi-lazily discover Northrend for myself.

    It's only when my second character needs to get to 80 fast that I'll come to you. ;)

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Jame, as the others here have said... it's ok if they are not out right as Wrath is released.

    I'd rather have a quality guide (that you so kindly provide for free, not like that other guy) that is released later than a poorly put together guide that is released on time.

    Take your time.

    Will you ever put out a money making guide? Maybe just some tips?


    Jame says:

    Thank you all for your support :)

    And yes I'll definitely write money making guides in the future. ;)

    Whyzer says:

    I used both your leveling guides for all my characters and alts, though from time to time i find myself just reading like they are books, and it is awsome. They are really good pieces of work and i applaud you.

    Matteo says:

    Hello Jame, thanks for posting this.

    As everyone said, don't worry to publish the guides as soon as possible, take your time to write the guides and everyone will be happy after reading the first 2 lines.

    My opinion is that the first 2 weeks after Wotlk realease we'll be a hell of a lag around the new areas and Outland will be full of Deathknights, making questing harder and slower. So it's a good thing that you delay a bit the release, so everyone can level up easiliy, with no lag but the most important thing without having to wait for the mobs ro respawn!

    One question: you are talking about deathknight leveling guides or "general" leveling guides? Thanks and bye :)

    Jame says:

    I'm talking about the general leveling guides from 70 to 80 in Northrend. The Shadowknight guides are pretty much done up until level 60.5 both for Horde and Alliance :)

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Simply awsome Jame. Simply awsome!

    joe says:

    so how much xp is it from 70 to 71 then?