More solo crazyness with the Death Knight

Today I tried to kill Blacktalon the Savage, a level 63 Elite in Hellfire Penninsula who hits like a truck. Normally, it's even too difficult for two melee classes to duo it. But I had to try to solo it with my Death Knight anyway.

This time, it was a very tough fight, I died a couple of times. The 3rd time I used everything I could possibly use, plus a Noth's Special Brew. I had the ghoul tank for me at the start, used everything I had, including the Blood Talent Tree ultimate: Dancing Rune Weapon

I also had to use Chains of Ice to kite it towards the exit of the tunnel while Vampiric Blood was cooling down.

In the end, the Death Knight won :P

It was very close though, and I think I got a bit lucky on the parries at the end. But still very impressed by the class so far, we'll see if it's still so powerful past level 70.

Stay tuned if you wanna find out :)

6 Response to "More solo crazyness with the Death Knight"

  1. Tarciryan says:

    Seems DK has been surpassed by hunters, druids and locks by the time they reach Outland then (the 3 classes I managed to solo Blacktalon with).

    Tarciryan says:

    Oh btw I got hold of a beta key from a guildie today so I'll be crushing through the DK experience soon enough:D

    Matteo says:

    Hello Jame.

    This is very good to know, it means that probably Death Knights will probably be able to solo elites of their level even with outland equipment.

    I think and hope that they won't be nerfed a lot in the future, the equipment is way great for a "starter" char... Well we may see some equip nerfs!

    Good job and keep leveling =)

    Jame says:

    Well yea, because those classes can kite Blacktalon, and he hits like a truck in melee. But if Blacktalon was not kiteable, it would be a different story.

    So it's hard to say if the DK is weaker than Lock/Hunts/Druids at this point. Let's just say they have it easier against certain types of elites, but on unkiteable ones, the DK will certainly have the advantage.

    I've leveled druids and hunters in Outland in the past, and it's been a breeze, but I must say it's even easier with a Death Knight so far.

    Andy says:

    Great blog Jame, its a fun read. I'll check back daily for updates.

    I got a beta key, but I'm sort of hesitant to activate, I'd rather level my rogue/mage on the real servers when it comes out. Your DK articles are making me anxious to play one though >.<

    Jame says:

    Hey Andy, thanks for the compliment :)

    I definitely recommend activating your beta key and trying out a Death Knight. It's really a lot of fun and not too time consuming (cause it's so easy-mode, haha!)