If Chuck Norris was a WoW class, they'd call it the Death Knight

While writing my Death Knight guide yesterday, I made a new Death Knight and leveled it quickly to 58. Then I tried to follow one of my quest circuits in the western plaguelands, just to see how the XP rate would compare to my usual results with other classes.

Let's just say I was impressed, but that would be an understatement. Not only was I able to complete a whole bunch of quest circuits in record time, but I did so while adding a couple of elite quests I never would have suggested to do with other classes.

Wanna know what the best part is? Please read on.

My circuits involving Western Plaguelands always take you to the city of Andorhal at one point. There's nothing too dangerous about that place besides three things:

  • Level 56-57 Elite Abominations patrolling
  • The Scarlet Patrol (5 very annoying NPCs)
  • Araj the Summoner, a level 61 Elite Lich guarded by an army of skeletons and ghouls

At level 58, no matter which class I played in the past, I always stayed away from those threats, simply because they were very difficult to solo, if not impossible for certain classes, and for sure not worth the trouble. I always tried to kill Araj the Summoner though, because there's a quest to kill him, and this quest gives 12000XP. But I always chose to leave it out of my guide, because I knew he would be a very frustrating experience for most players.

Well, I'll definitely put this quest in my Death Knight Leveling Guide, because Araj (and everything in Andorhal) is a total joke for a level 58 Death Knight.

Let me give you examples:

  • Fought two abominations at the same time (level 57 elite). Finished the fight with full HP and full runic power (Death Knight's rage/energy equivalent)
  • Took the whole scarlet brigade head on, finished the fight full HP
  • Fought Araj the Summoner + 1 Searing ghoul at the same time. Finished the fight with full HP, without even using Mark of Blood or Raise Dead. The funniest part is to use Death Grip on Araj, and summon him to your feet like a rag doll.

Let's just say that food is utterly useless for Death Knights. They never need a break. The only times I ever went below 50% HP was when I was reckless and took 5-7 mobs at a time. And after that, all I had to do was fight a single mob to get back to full HP. That's just how powerful Death Knights are. Quick killing, zero downtime, a lot of fun.

4 Response to "If Chuck Norris was a WoW class, they'd call it the Death Knight"

  1. Tarciryan says:

    Lol I see HUGE nerfs in the future for the DK:-p

    Jame says:

    They'll probably get nerfed a little yea :P But anyway I have to see how they fare at level 65+ once all that shiny blue gear starts to become outdated.

    Right now, it's a huge factor too, at level 58 in the plaguelands with that kind of gear... so it's hard to say if the class is really overpowered at the moment or if it's just the gear.

    That's what I'll discover in the next few days/weeks, and I'll udpate you guys on that ;)

    Tarciryan says:

    Is their DPS insanely high? Or is it their constant healthregen (blood talents and abilities right?) which make u topped off so much?

    Jame says:

    The dps isn't particularly high. It's all about the crazy health regen talents in the blood tree.