Frost DPS

For those who were interested, here are the numbers I got for this Frost Spec at level 61.

Rotation used was: Icy Touch --> Plague Strike --> Blood Strike --> Blood Strike --> Obliterate --> Frost Strike --> Obliterate --> Icy Touch --> Plague Strike --> Obliterate --> Frost Strike --> Obliterate --> Frost Strike --> Obliterate --> Restart cycle

Note: Replace Obliterate with Death Strike whenever healing is needed.

If you add the ghoul's damage to that, it would be a total 525 DPS.

This is way below the other two specs, as I expected. Also, this spec provides less healing than the other two, so it's definitely not an option for leveling at this point.

4 Response to "Frost DPS"

  1. Wyrmsfire says:

    Honestly, I initially wanted to go Frost, but more for roleplaying style than anything else. I do think that this build lacks a lot compared with the other two trees.

    As this is my favored spec due to personal RP reference, I really hope Blizzards gives it a serious look.

    I'll be on the lookout for more Frost info. Thanks very much.

    Anonymous says:

    I'd preferred a Frost levelling build but considering the lower dps i'll most likely stick to blood. Since Frost is (surprise) dealing frost damage there might be issues with mobs being partially frost resistant. It would at least make sense from a logical standpoint, but so far I haven't heard about this, so I guess there are hardly any mobs that are.

    Bill says:

    Great thanks for the info. I knew it was behind... looks like ti is way behind!

    Jame says:

    I think they'll boost it some more before the release, frost is just too far behind, frost strike should do more damage, or obliterate should, or they should simply add some talents which increase damage further in the frost tree.