Death Knights Upgraded!

I'm currently downloading the latest BETA build and reading the changes to Death Knights. So far it looks good, almost all of our offensive abilities got a boost and some of our defensive abilities got a nerf, especially anti-magic shell, which isn't surprising because we were just stomping over casters with way too much ease until this patch. What does this mean?

Well it means we're gonna kill things even faster and have an even easier time leveling! That's great, however what's not great is that I'm gonna have to do tests again to compare all 3 talent trees, and I might have to re-work my guides again :P

Oh, and not only did we get upgraded, but our class specific flying mount also got a facelift! It used to look like a goofy plucked chicken, now it finally looks badass and fits with the Death Knight class ;)

Anyway, I'll go in-game and see how these changes affect us. Stay tuned!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Frost is more PvP-viable now again. I never was a big fan of the ghouls anyway. Thank god they improved the mount. Although I still dont like the gryphon base model along with its animations much but at least it doesn't look anymore as if we were too poor to get a real gryphon. Gimme frost wyrm :/

    Tarciryan says:

    Nice, no more undead Donald Duck mount. Do you have a link to patch notes for the new patch?

    First of all great guide thanks!

    I was wondering if in a future update if you could comment on death nights and professions.

    I had a guild mate who was all about going enchanting so he could stack cool weapon enchants on top of his runeforge runes... he was pretty disappointed when I told him that when I tried it in the test server I found that Runeforging uses the enchant slot.

    Also what is you opinion on the runeforging runes vs. the standard enchants for 2h weapons?


    Jame says:

    My first impression of Runeforging is that it's great, because it's gonna be a hell of a lot cheaper than regular enchants :P

    Not only is it free, but it's just as good if not better than say, mongoose.

    For example: Rune of the Fallen Crusader procs fairly often. I don't have exact numbers, but it feels like the old crusader enchant, about 3 procs per minutes.
    That means you get the +30% strenght bonus 75% of the time, and when you know how important STR is for Death Knights...

    In short, it's great :p

    Jame says:


    I found the patch notes here.

    And for more detailed information on those changes I went there.

    Joe says:

    Mount looks a lot better , maybe if they increased the size of a little more it would a lot better. James also a quick question I notice in some videos DK throw a big purple shield and stand in it what is that called/do?

    Anonymous says:

    The purple shield is the Anti-Magic Zone (Unholy talent). It absorbs 10000+2*AP spell damage of you and your party.

    One of the blizzard employees also said that runeforging enchants will even be slightly better than the normal enchantments. Lets hope they stick to it.

    Jame says:

    I sure hope so too :P It's good to be a Death Knight honestly. Free epic mount, free weapon enchants. Can't complain ^^