Death Knights are all about style

I guess the title says it all, and a picture is worth thousand words, so enjoy.

This is how a Death Knight looks after finishing his starting area quests (which are a ton of fun by the way).

With my buddy the Lich King

With Mount

The weapon you get as a last reward (can choose between a sword and an axe, both look amazing, I personally like the sword more)

Did I mention that each piece of equipment I'm wearing on those pictures doesn't only look stunning, but is also blue (rare) with only useful stats?

So far, the Death Knight is extremly fun and disgustingly powerful (will probably get nerfed in the future). I haven't managed to go below 75% HP even while being reckless. More about that tomorrow in my next blog entry.

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6 Response to "Death Knights are all about style"

  1. Matteo says:

    That's awesome!

    Hi Jame, I'm a fan of your guides , my name on your site is Benhir and I've recently dinged 70 with my first horde character. The stats of the equipment are strenght/stam? I have no idea of what kind of role a DeathKnight has in the game (I know, It's weird because there are tons of videos/reviews about it on the web :P).

    Bye =)

    Jame says:

    Hey Benhir, thanks for your comment.

    The Death Knight can either be a dps or a tank. They are especially good at tanking spellcasters.

    As far as leveling speed, they are incredible, zero downtime, quick killing, a lot of fun.

    Kenneth says:

    Wow, looks awesome, and I got my BETA key today:D

    Jame says:

    Congratulations on the beta key :)

    Tarciryan says:

    Is it a combination of high parry and insane armor that will make them good tanks or do they have other tricks up their sleeve aswell? The frost presence seems like it makes up for the lack of a shield very nicely. Is frost then the prefered talent tree for a DK tank?

    Jame says:

    Hey Tarciryan, thanks for visiting!

    Insane armor and high parry are definitely their main tanking attributes, but they do have other tricks.

    They have a few talents which increase the chance of enemies to miss them, and they also can slow melee attack speed greatly

    Another nice talent they can get for tanking is bone shield (kinda deep in unholy tree though), which reduces damage by 40% on the next 4 hits. 1 min cooldown.

    As for the tanking talent tree, that's a tricky question. As far as my experience goes, the best tanking talents are scattered in the frost and in the unholy tree, and thankfully mostly at the bottom of it or in the middle. So at the moment the answer is: Frost/Unholy