Account Wide Level Scaled Items - Alt Lovers Rejoice!

For most people, the best memories they have of World of Warcraft was when they leveled their first character. Gaining levels, new abilities and new items while exploring zones and doing fun quests or instances, that's probably the best part of WoW. Which is why so many players, after having leveled their main character to level 70 (and soon 80), tend to create an "Alt". An alt is basically an other character you create, to try a different class, but mostly to have fun. What we love to do with those second characters is to "twink" them. Twinking means giving them equipment they normally wouldn't be able to get without the help of a higher level character.

Twinking makes things fun, as your alt will have a much easier time leveling and will feel powerful. Sadly, as the amount of low level characters dwindles, there is less and less "twink" equipment available at the auction house. Level 10-60 green, rare or epic items are hard to come by, and the few that appear on the auction house are disgustingly pricy nowadays.

Well, blizzard just came up with a great way to make twinking fun again - Account Wide Level Scaled Items.

Here is an example:

Right now you must be thinking, "so what?". Well here's the catch, when you get this item, it becomes bound to your account, meaning that you can transfer it between every character on your account. For example, your level 70 can farm tokens, then go buy this sword from a specific merchant, and then transfer it to your newly created rogue alt.

Sounds great doesn't it? Well that's not all. The best part is that this item actually scales according to the level of the character using it, gaining better stats as you gain levels, all the way to level 80. Here is the same item, equiped to a level 80 character:

The item quality for each respective level is actually very high, I'd say they are as good as epic quality, if not better. This is great for several reasons:

  • It gives your main character more things to do, you can farm tokens to then buy those account wide loots, for ALL your future twinks (minus armor and weapon limitations of certain classes of course)
  • Your alts will whoop ass like never before, and that's fun
  • You won't have to blow all your money equiping your alts with overpriced low level greens/blues/epics anymore

Anyway, here's my current favorite account wide scaled item:

This is amazing for several reasons:

  1. The stats are incredibly good for a level 1 item, nothing compares to it even remotely
  2. It's a shoulder item, and you're normally not supposed to get anything for your shoulder slot up until level 15. Not to mention the stats of these shoulders at level 15 will be a lot better than anything else you could get.
  3. 10% XP bonus right from level 1. One word: sick!
  4. They look stylish

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to twinking in Wrath of the Lich King!

Images courtesy of: Thottbot, MMO-Champion

5 Response to "Account Wide Level Scaled Items - Alt Lovers Rejoice!"

  1. Jame says:

    You can read more about it and see screenshots directly taken from the beta in this thread:

    z32o says:

    Jame, those are really incredible for sure - I didn't know WotLK would implement such a thing.

    Those shoulders are so badass @_@

    Jame says:

    Indeed they are, and there are also trinkets! At level 1, the trinket gives 1 Attack power, at level 80, 123 AP.

    It's just great, can't wait to twink some :P

    Wyrmsfire says:

    I've never been a fan of twinking, but I've just recently realized that I've been doing it myself all along.

    Are these coming in Wrath, or Patch 3.0?

    Additionally, that shoulder item you listed... is that the same ones that you get from Herrod in Scarlet Mon?

    And if I understand it, I can take those shoulders, mail them to a newly created level 1 character and they can wear them, as long as they can wear that kind of armor?

    That's pretty cool... thanks for the info!

    Jame says:

    As far as I know:

    These items are actually called "Heirloom Items". Heirloom because they are all actually famous items in Blizzard Lore. Like the one you pointed out for example, Herod's Shoulders are exactly the same model as the shoulders dropped by Herod in Scarlet Monastery.
    There's also the infamous Arcanite Reaper, etc.

    They will not be available before Wrath of the Lich King I believe, the badge vendor for these items are currently located in Dalaran on Northrend.

    Apparently, you'll be able to buy these items with either raid tokens or with the equivalent of Badges of Justice from Northrend dungeons.

    And yes you understood correctly, any character on your account can use the item, as long as he can wear that type of armor.
    However, if the item you bought is plate and is mailed to a warrior below level 40 for example, the item will become mail (because warriors can only start wearing plate at level 40). Same thing goes for Shamans for example, as they can only wear mail from level 40, if you send an heirloom mail item to a level 1-39 shaman, it will become leather until the shaman dings 40.

    Blizzard really thought this one through ;)