Death Knight Leveling Speed

So I thought I'd also let you guys know how it went for my Death Knight, following my 55-61 Death Knight Leveling Guide (horde version).

It went really great actually, despite being slowed down quite a lot in the starting area due to overcrowding, the leveling speed was amazing, it's almost twice as fast as what you can get in Hellfire Penninsula, so this just confirms what I've been preaching for months:

  • The Plaguelands are an amazing place to level now, especially for Death Knights thanks to Death Gate.
  • Going to Outland at 58 is a mistake - it won't make you level faster, all the opposite.

This screenshot was taken at the end of the leveling guide, right after I turned in the quest Glyphed Oaken Branch in Thunderbluff.

From level 55 to level 61.5 in 10h 55min.

Keep in mind this was done under the following circumstances:

  • Zero Rested XP
  • A lot of overcrowding in the starting area
  • Many alt-tabbings to correct mistakes I found as I followed my guide
  • I only used the starting area gear, no Blade of Misfortune or anything fancy
  • No consumables

This means my guide can probably be done under 10hours in normal circumstances, and 55-61.5 under 10 hours is pretty damn good, I'm sure nobody can pull that off if they go to HFP at level 58.

Anyway, I'll keep on following my Outland guides now with my Death Knight and keep you guys updated as I go ;)

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  1. Tokyoadam says:

    I used your DK Alliance guide from 55-61, then used your 60-65 guide in the outlands. I just finished Hellfire Peninsula, and am 75% of the way through 64. I did every quest in the zone other than Hellfire Fortifications, and did each instance once.

    I would not be surprised if I hit 70 early into Nagrand. More gold for me in Northrend! ;)

    Great job on the guides.

    Jame says:

    That's the way to go ;)

    Cody says:

    Now, I'm sure you get more $$ in the bag for having people hit the site, but I hate alt-tabbing. Thank you SO much for having a "printer friendly" version at the bottom! The best part is that I still have the Outlands guide sitting in a binder from my last two chars :)
    next time somebody mentions an addon, just tell them to kill a tree and save everybody some hassle :)

    Matteo says:

    Cool post Jame :)

    Too bad a lot of people still thinks that going to Outland at 58 is good. Anyway the post hasn't delivered my copy of the game yet, I can't wait to get it :). Hopefully the overpopluation will decrease in few weeks, making possible to play DK and questing in Northrend:D

    I'll keep following your posts :)

    Okay Jame i Followed your guide from 58 till 60 with all the turn ins and at 60 i've gone to the outlands. I made pretty well i think i got the 60 in 4 hours played. Well i was the first DK on my realm so no difficulty from overcrowding i made it till 72 till now i've been in the outlands till 68 and then i've gone to northerend which was a big fault. But anyways too late. in Fjord i Followed your guide and i got arround 4 - 5 hours from 70 till 71 ( huge overcrowding, and achievement ganking , bad to be one of a few dk's in northrend on a pvp realm ) 71 - 72 in about 6 hours. So i hope to see your grizzly hills guide just in time :D i'm half way through borean now :-)

    daemun says:

    Hey Jame! I dinged finished your guide at around 62 with 10 hours played bang on. I made a couple mistakes that slowed me down a bit too, so im sure it could be done faster. The quest circuits you have for the plaguelands are incredible and im really glad i stuck around for those extra couple levels. It's nice being a level or two higher than all the other dk's in hellfire :P

    Cant wait to finish your outland guide, I'm dieing to see the new content (resisting the urge to take my paladin to northrend first :P )

    tyler says:

    Hey there! Enjoy the blog. :)

    I actually did hit outlands at 58 (I've leveled too many characters pre-TBC, can't do it anymore :P).

    Anyways, it went a lot better than expected, I managed 55-62 in a little under seven hours (I did do a five DK ramps run, which was exciting).

    I really don't see any downside at this point in the game not to go to Outlands at 58.

    Jame says:

    Well here's the thing. While following my Plaguelands circuits I was staying above 200,000 XP/hour the whole time.

    In Hellfire Penninsula it was more around 140,000 XP/hour, peaking at 170,000/hour.

    You can't arguee against those numbers, finishing my plaguelands circuits IS faster leveling than going to Outland at 58.

    Not to mention there are level 61+ requirement on some quests in Hellfire Penninsula. So if you go there at 58 you might have to grind to get those, or you'll have to skip them, and that means slower leveling.

    Bob says:

    Hey Jame - can a non-DK go to this area to level the last half of the 50's? Or do you have to be a Death Knight to open these questlines?

    Partly I'm interested in getting the Quest achievement for 'finish X quests in the old world', and following your DK guide would certainly be faster than randomly running around to find quests.

    Jame says:

    This definitely works for any class. You just have to do a little more running around (no Death Gate). But it works and it's actually very good for any class.

    Adobe says:

    Wow. This was the most amazing guide I have ever seen. My brother first introduced me to your guide once, I was about level 47 at the time with a hunter that I had, and he was just sitting there due to the fact that I was sick of grinding and having trouble leveling. (This was a year ago I think.) Once I started trying your guide, I simply loved it. I'm now using it to level a death knight and I've had awesome results. I may not be the best "guide user" out there, but it is a little easier for me since I use a dual monitor allowing me to just look at the guide and play a lot easier. It usually takes me two hours to two hours and a half at times because sometimes I get lost in the guide not being able to keep my place sometimes. :) My mistakes. I actually just made a blog to talk about death knights, wrath of the lich king, and some tips now if you would like to check it out yourself. I have also recommended using your guides there. It gets annoying though in my guild everyone says, " I'm 58, where do i go now?" I always say go Western and Eastern Plaguelands, but someone always has to say, go to outlands. I can never persuade them, but, going to western/eastern plaguelands gives you that extra boost to 61 and, does for a fact make leveling easier. I also like the fact that since these guides are slightly old, I level alot faster. Sometimes when you say, grind on this to get to the next level or do this instance until, for example, you get to 64, and I would be 65 with 5 bars in.

    tyler says:

    I suppose I could argue... seeing as how I did the same thing as you but three hours faster...

    Everyone has their own way of doing things, was just giving you a heads up as to how going to Outlands worked out for me :)

    Jame says:

    Well you could arguee, but then I'd have to mention again that I did this /played while editing errors on my guide as I went, didn't use any pots, didn't use any pre-bought gear.

    In any case, I'm sure I could do 55-61 in about 5-6 hours in the plaguelands following my guide if I went full speed.

    I love Outland leveling, but it simply can't go as fast as those Plaguelands circuits with the pre-gathered turn ins. Not only that, but if you start hellfire at level 61, you'll clear the whole zones much faster than if you started it at 58. It's a simple fact, mobs below your level die a lot faster. Green quests give 100% exp, just like yellow quests and orange.

    Proof: Realm First DK 80 - Used my plaguelands circuits and had a headstart over everyone else thanks to it.

    Karl says:

    I didn't look through your DK guide, but I did want to post to mention that 10 hours seems slow. As a frost spec (I like frost, though unholy is probably better for leveling) I did starting zone-> hearthstone in thrallmar-> Archeus-> Bulwark-> Cauldron chain, Andorhol after second cauldron, wildlife+unfinished business chain after third -> final cauldron -> Thrallmar and hit 60 in one 4 hour session yesterday. Granted, this is with no competition, but I do not expect to spend another 6 hours on a level and a half.

    I'd also like to thank you for your Dragonblight and Borean Tundra guides, which helped me snag server first 80. While I don't follow your guides to the letter, I do use them as reminders for quests to pick up and as input for planning my own circuits.

    nikola says:

    I disagree; the HFP offers much more XP per quest and per mob. I managed to get to 61.5 in under 9 hrs - and that is by no means by some crazed powerleveling routine. I used no pots or consumables or even bandages - i even refused to use any of the oulands quest rewards cause they looked so lame.

    Jame says:

    Well, just for your information.

    I've gone through my guide again (leveling another DK on alliance side), and this time I didn't waste time with ALT-tabbing to correct thigns on my guides.

    I did 55-61.5 in 5h43 minutes.

    No consumables, no help, no pre-bought gear.

    My XP/hour rate in the plaguelands was close to 200K/hour at all times.

    My XP/hour rate in Hellfire was around 140K/hour at all times.

    So you can disagree with me, but you can't disagree with numbers :P

    jame, i'm trying to level a DK, but the guide you have is confusing. the talents you say to do don't make sense. Morbidity isn't the first talent you can do. I just started playing DK, but maybe it's changed since you made the guide. So I don't know what to do. Please let me know if you can help! Thanks

    jame... I'm leveling a DK using your guide (it's great btw) but I think there have been talent changes since you put it out. I can't figure out how you want me to play! in the guide you say I should use ghoul mastery etc, but the talent build you have there doesn't even select the talent! I'm very confused.

    Anonymous says:

    a great DK guide is only worth it's ability to be updated on a regular basis. Hmph.