Just got this in my mail today ;)

Hey Jame,

Just want to thank you for your work on the 55-61 Deathknight guides and the Horde Howling/Borean/Dragonblight guides. Without them I wouldn't have had the headstart in the Death Knight race.

Just a lil' something for the eye:

I dinged 80 at around 20:30 CET on the 16th of November. No, I didn't play the beta at all. Basically the only preparation I had was from your guides.

Using the Dragonblight guide + playing in the off hours was probably one of the most important things that contributed to my "victory".

One of the most interesting points in my journey was when I rushed away from my competitors in the 55-60 race in WPL/EPL, while the others went directly to Outlands, which led to a headstart of up to 2 levels.

I never doubted your choice of specc, whilst the most part of the Death Knights went for blood stating: "Unholy can't heal :(((". Well the top5 DKs worldwide were all unholy. Thumbs up!

I would've dinged ALOT sooner if I had the chance to read your upcoming guides for Grizzly Hill and more.

When asked for tips n' tricks I start of with wow-pro, then of course the various performance enhancers like red bull, fast carbs and loud music.

Worth noticing is that Frostmane is one of the most overcrowded servers in Europe, in the same line of the good ol' notorious Dragonmaw.


Blacktony - Level 80 Death Knight - Frostmane-EU


This makes me feel really proud.

Next expansion, I'll work even harder and try to have guides ready until max level (which will probably be level 90). Who knows, maybe someone using my guides will get the world first 90 then, and without mob tagging powerleveling ;)

PS: If you followed my guide and you believe that they were a factor in helping you getting Realm First, please contact me. Send me an e-mail at jame.wow.pro.blog@gmail.com or post a comment here.

I'd like to add your name on this blog entry to have a list of people who owned it up with my guide ^^

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  1. Warwolf says:

    Well I not for a Realm 1st or anything like that, but your guides were invaluable to me.

    First, when Blizzard announced that you needed a lvl 55 on the server you wanted your DK, it threw my plans in the air.

    I wanted to play on Eonar where my RL friend is in a smallish friendly Guild, but I only had a lvl 32 Warlock there. So your Alliance Guide got me to 55 a good month before LK came out. :)

    And now, with my DK I'm going through Outland quickly, I'll most probably reach Northrend before the Guild has leveled all their alts. :)

    I'm not much into PLing but what I like most about your guides is the efficiency, I hate completing a Quest and then realize I have to return to that aera because I forgot to take another quest before.

    So again, a great big Thank You !!!


    Warwolf says:

    Doh, I should have used the Preview button!

    That first line should read "Well, I'm not going for..."

    Daniel says:

    I'd like to thank you for all the tips on the site, and you can add me as another realm's first that you helped (but my realm probably lags way behind every other anyway :) )

    I should add that I'm a casual gamer that happens to have a few days off right after launch, so I didn't even have a clue on how to play a DK until I stumbled upon this site (and even then I still have 5/5 in necrosis while leveling).

    So now I'm looking on tips on how to play in dungeons or raids, heh.

    Qdeathknight -- Aman'Thul (Oceania)

    While we're on the topic of realm firsts, I got mine with a great deal of help from the HF/BT/DB guides. I didn't have a beta account and so getting a head start on working quests out and choosing a decent route was a lifesaver. The guides didn't take me all the way, but they took me far enough to get me ahead of the overcrowding, which I'm sure kept me ahead while would-be competitors were stuck in crowded zones with the masses.

    Big thanks Jame!


    Jame says:

    Great, keep em coming ;)

    Herc says:


    I used your guide from Howling to Dragonblight. It helped speed up leveling but it also helped get the quest achievement and finish up the wrath gate event.

    Using your guide definetely helped me get 80 quickly =)

    Like he mentioned I think I would have dinged around Sunday instead of Monday if you released your Grizzly hills guide =P.

    I went grizzly->Shalazar basin->Storm peaks -> Icecrown.

    barry says:

    your guides rule so much ass, i just may have to scrounge up some cash from underneath all of this fast food trash and send it to you!

    Arkaen says:

    Congratulations to both of you; I'm happy you're both so glad for this.

    Hate says:


    When are the next set of guides coming out?

    You've got me addicted to your awesomeness ; P

    Post an status update on your blog?

    Arcadion (Bloodscalp US)

    P.S. I appreciate the fact that you want to enjoy the game to, so if you're caught up in RL and just having fun in WoW its all good! Thanks again :D

    Hello Jame,

    I am one of your guide readers in Hong Kong. Actually, it really helps me so much that I won't be confused with the quests, especially in the outland.

    When you released your Northrend guide, I have followed it and my shaman got at least 1 level up per day.

    They are very useful, and I think that you are very hard working as releasing guides is a difficult work. So here, I will say Thank You to you and I wanna hug you even you are in Hong Kong. :)

    Jame, just wanted to say "thank you very much!" for writing these guides. I have been using them since I started playing WOW about 2 years now and you have helped me produce 3 70s (2 on their way to 80 at the moment). As soon as I get these 2 to 80, I'll work on a death knight (of course, using your guides again). =0)

    I know that you must get tons of similar comments but my wife and I both enjoy following them very much. They speed up leveling but not to the point of missing out on the content (which is a huge win, IMO). I have neveer looked at another guide/source since I found yours and I hope that you continue the awesome work that you do.

    - WOW Enthusiast from the Philippines
    Setarcos (70 Warrior - Khaz Modan)
    Munchkin (71 Lock - Khaz Modan)
    Mheejeme (76 Mage - Khaz Modan)

    Jame says:

    Thanks everyone for those great comments! That's what makes me want to write better guides ;)

    Deathgrîp - Conseil des Ombres (EU)
    Alliance first DK on Nov the 18th (sorry...had to go to work on Monday the 17th...)

    Really too bad the Grizzly Hills page was not ready because, boy, I almost lost my marbles over there with only one quest in the log (that I couldn't manage to complete) and nowhere to go.
    Exhausted by lack of sleep, perpetually harassed by horde players wanting to score an Achievement on me, I almost gave up at that point

    Thanks for your guides and insights

    Jame says:

    Thank you, Deathgrîp ;)