Guide writing rush = Lack of updates

Sorry guys, there's just not much for me to write about lately, simply because I spend 100% of my free time writing my WotLK Leveling Guides. Time is running out so I'm in a rush, as you can imagine, thus the lack of updates.

I wish I had more time though, there are many things I wish I could do with my main character on the live servers (like all those cool new achievements I'd like to work on), but oh well, my leveling guides come first, and I want to get as far as possible with them before the beta servers close down.

So bear with me, things will soon get back to normal and I'll be back to writing blog articles more steadily.

3 Response to "Guide writing rush = Lack of updates"

  1. Lise says:

    LOL^^ we understand Jame, it's just sooooooo exciting to hear how your getting on, keep up the good work, we can probably survive without the details, for a short while^^ but the odd little info would be nice, just so we know your still alive^^

    Storm says:

    Agreed! I refresh your page about 5x/day hoping for updates, but I'd rather sit here with no idea what's going on, and have the guides out faster =) TY for all your work!

    dpskitty says:

    /agree with Storm
    My interent browsing ritual has sculpted around checking your blog multiple times throughout my workday. I want to say that you should take it easy, and relax a bit -- but I'm selfish and want to see some WotLK quests ^^

    <3 <3