Death Knight Shopping List - Input needed

If you've been checking my Death Knight Shopping List, you probably saw that it's shaping up nicely. I'm putting a lot of effort into it, and recently I had to make a decision and I can't decide myself, so I could use some input on this.

I have to choose between 4 blue BoE Items (getting pricier by the day) or 4 cheap crafted greens, from the Fel Iron Plate set.
I've been leaning towards the Fel Iron Plate, because it's much cheaper, easier to get, and you can actually equip them at earlier levels. Also if you do the math, it's pretty close:

Girdle of Siege
Boots of the Decimator
Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter
Nagascale Legplates of the Beast

Armor: 2549 | Str: 124 | Sta: 77 | Agi: 44 | Hit Rating: 12 | Crit Rating: 18
Total Cost (avg.): ~200g (probably a lot more now, due to high demand)

Fel Iron Plate Belt
Fel Iron Plate Boots
Fel Iron Plate Gloves
Fel Iron Plate Legs

Armor: 2386 | Str: 122 | Sta: 114 | Agi: 0 | Hit Rating: 15 | Crit Rating: 0
Total Cost (avg.): ~31g

Armor and str are almost identical. Fel Iron Plate has a lot more stamina, a little more hit rating, but about -3% crit.

However, they are much cheaper, much easier to obtain (Blacksmiths craft a lot of those while leveling up smithing) and they also can be equipped earlier.

Or better, you can simply buy the fel iron ore / bars and ask a blacksmith friend to craft them for you.

So my question is: should I even bother adding the blues to the optional list? The difference is so small and the price so big, but I like to give people options. However, is it even a good option, considering everything?

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  1. Sebbe says:

    I'd say that the fel armor set is the better choice here, since it is as you say almost the same as the blues and at the same time 130ish gold cheaper.

    I have a question regarding the outland leveling guide in which you say that you aim to ding 70 before doing any quests in SMV and Netherstorm because of the money you make at 70, but in wotlk that won't be necessary since you only get more money if you're 80 and by that time those quests will be greyish. Couldn't changes then be made in the outland guide so it includes those areas for more effiecent leveling? :)

    Maybe you've already thought of this and made changes or it's not that big of a difference to prioritize atm, just wondering what the plan is ;)


    Tal says:

    My vote would be to ignore the blues... Unless the price actually justifies the "upgrade", most people will ignore it and those who have that kind of money will have no problem finding it on their own.

    Lise says:

    Hi Jame, go with the green, will get better so quickly at 80 that the money would be wasted^^
    Keep up the good work

    Corcontas says:

    Why not just give the two options... it'll only be a couple more lines.

    I'd go with the greens myself, but I've already got 2 of blues because I bought them REAL cheap (below 20g each)

    Storm says:

    BTW, are the items for quest turnins, I.E. the 300x of the cloths, and the 30x of each of the turnins for lights hope etc.. are those in your guide? or optional side things?

    lemli says:

    Hmm, i do think i'll have to go for the fel iron plate ones, just because
    of the blue pants being so random, too bad i already bought the blue boots though :P just gotta advertise how awesome they are for DK's and take a profit i guess.

    Michael says:
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    Anonymous says:

    I'd prefer to have the blue ones added as well. First of all depending on the server economy the blue ones don't have to be around 200g (I think i paid about 70g for the first three together), then often you first need a blacksmith if you don't happen to have a friend that is which is often hard itself and give a tip and last but not least the Strength value is including the set bonus. I don't like sets during levelling as it makes you pass upgrades just to keep the bonus. As soon as you start replacing a single item you will lose the 20 str set bonus and the remaining items will be inferior to the blue counterparts. The green set is just comparable because of the 4 piece bonus.

    Anonymous says:


    My opinion is to offer the Fel Iron set as the primary upgrades to aim for. If individuals happen to have an obscene ammount of gold at their disposal, then sure, offer the 'duluxe' menu, if you feel as if your guide should also cater to Bourgeoisie. But as for the proletariat, I'd say the Fel Iron is a perfectly acceptable recommendation - not too expensive and compliments well with existing quest items.

    You can't be expected to be running our entire WoW lives, and so the decision to splurge large amounts of gold on items to be replaced in a matter of levels is entirely up to the individual. Personally, I upgrade my armour every 5 or 10 levels from the AH or crafters if my quest items do not match my level. Though upgrading from our starting blues to Fel Iron would be wise to help make the jump from Azeroth to Outland level stats.

    I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it.

    Jame says:

    @sebbe Sadly I don't have the time to work on those extar quest circuits for SMV/Netherstorm at the moment. In the future I might do them, for people who want to get even more gold on the way to 80 and/or get more quests achievements.

    @storm Some of the 30x things for the LHC turn ins are in my guide, but they are optional too. Basically, the list is 100% optional but will just make you level even faster when following my guides.

    @Everyone Thanks a lot for the input. I'll simply add the blue items in the optional list, for the rich ones :P

    Joshua says:

    It's a toss up really.... Greens are good for those with lack of gold, some people like to go all out. As stated before replacing one piece you would then loose the set (4) bonus which is a bummer. I myself got the boots enchanted with boars and the belt. Then i stocked up the Adamantite set level 66-67 which should last up until Northrend easily. Can be pricey if you have to out right buy it but really cheap if you know a blacksmith.

    Anonymous says:

    I think a mix of both would serve the best end.

    Girdle of the Siege
    Fel Iron Plate Boots
    Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter
    Fel Iron Plate Pants

    This offers the following stats:
    Armor: 2550 | Str: 118 | Sta: 81 | Agi: 18 | Hit Rating: 27 | Crit Rating: 18

    My advice would be to not bother too much about that. I've leveled my DK from 58 to 68 in just 3 outland zones with my Ebon Hold gear (I just changed the sword to the Nagrand Pole Arm reward).
    DK in starting gear is already overkill. You just mow through mobs.
    Getting a tad stronger at the expense of the wicked cool skin of your DK gear ? No thanks :)
    My real DK will do the same. Only thing I'll do this time is go for the Blade of Misfortune and full gear enchant.

    Of course I can't blame you from being a perfectionist because I'm quite a nutcase too...
    In addition to all the upfront preparation that you described in your guide, I've opened a Recruit a Friend account and leveled a toon to 60 JUST to be able to grant my DK a free 58-60 level up :)
    But I won't compromise on the looks until I start equipping REAL upgrades in Northend.

    Oh. And I wanted to tell you that I had been a fan for a long time. You are amazing.

    Big fan of your work, you have saved me hours of time in lvling.

    I do have a concern about your guides though, they seem to be based mainly around deathknights. I for one, am not going to start a deathknight until i hit 80.

    I understand that deathknight's have a lot of priority right now, but could you come up with some tips for preparing for WotLK, for our mains?

    You may have already posted something like this but i could not find it.

    Thanks for the great guides

    lemli says:

    Do you have any other suggestions on what to get as legs, other than nagascale legplates or the fel iron ones? it's just that i already got all the other blues, but the nagascale legplates are seriously random, drops from a rare which drops one of the item classes with a random enchantment.

    Mike says:

    for a trinket slot what about the straight 50ap from wintersprings
    Words of the High Chief

    Jame says:

    The trinkets you get from the DK quest rewards are arguably better than this one, so not worth the trouble :)

    Hey again jame, hope you get this, as its an old post, but wouldnt want to spam a different topic.
    the 300 cloth for turn ins. can you just describe what it is used for? i assume some is for rep turn ins, but i dont think it takes 300 each. I ask this when i have already spent the time farming all that cloth :)

    Maybe im missing that it all ties up when reading your finished guides. but if you could shed some light, i'd love it. think i've farmed everything on the list now :)

    Jame says:

    It's for the cloth turn ins for each of the 5 major factions. 60 cloth per faction :)

    awsome, thanks :)

    Fugazi says:

    I would say care for blue+ parts only when they provide you vital enchant slot.

    For example:
    - legs, obviously
    - boots, surefooted

    I mean those two are good but quite expensive (~100g) slots so you don't want to enchant them every level ;)

    But then DK starting ones should be good enough to enchant and up to 70, then grab some wotlk blue and enchant again up to 80.

    If you are rich you can do that every 5 levels or so instead.