Starcraft 2 Beta Started! Beta keys needed!

The Starcraft 2 Beta has just gone live early this morning! Here's blizzard's official news about it.

While that's great news, it also saddens me a little that after all these years running a useful fansite for World of Warcraft and writing tons of guides which have helped the community, I didn't get a beta invite for Starcraft 2, despite all my attempts.

So here I am again, turning to my community, asking for help. My Starcraft 2 Website is about to go live, and I badly need beta access or I won't be able to write guides, news and post replays there.

So please, if you've got a spare beta key and want to help me out, this will be a HUGE help.

How to contact me:
  • e-mail me at (@)
  • send me a private message on wow-pro. Log in on wow-pro go to Jame's profile and click on "Write Private Message"

Thank you.

2 Response to "Starcraft 2 Beta Started! Beta keys needed!"

  1. Alexandra says:

    Thought I'm not really interested in Starcraft, I've opted-in. If I get a beta key, it's yours.

    Jame says:

    Thank you, I really appreciate it. :)