SC2 Beta and Starcraft-Replay Launch date!

Update: The site will be launched on Saturday 27th February. There are still a few details we need to take care of to ensure a smooth launchs, so we had to postpone the launch date a little.

I finally got in SC2 Beta! That means you'll soon see some SC2 Guides and SC2 Build Orders for me, as well as some replays. ;)

I haven't got to play the beta a lot yet because I was way too busy this week-end, however my brother did have time and he already has over a 70 games under his belt, so he'll help me with build orders. He is actually a much better RTS player than I am, so expect to see some cool replays from us soon.

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for extra SC2 beta keys. Not only because my brother always hogs my account, but also because the other people helping me out with my new starcraft 2 website need to have beta access to be able to write guides and upload replays.

Which brings me to my announcement...

My new Starcraft 2 website will be go live this week on Saturday, the address will be:

For now, it is password protected so you can't access it. This new project of mine won't be only about sc2 replays of course. It will contain sc2 guides and build orders written by myself and other members of the community, as well as the latest starcraft 2 news.

It will be pretty much like wow-pro, only better. My starcraft 2 website will look a lot cooler and have awesome community features, including an xp system and a reward system for the top contributors.

Take a look at my previous sc2 website project article to find out more.

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