Leveling Addon Speed: Chapter 3

Here we go for another chapter of the adventures of Holyjame. This chapter will cover levels 20 to 30, while following the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon version of Boston's Alliance Leveling Guide (20-30).

At the end of the previous chapter , we were Level 20 with a /played of 9h 3min.

==Note== I had a little bit of rested bonus at the start of this chapter, for about 40% of level 20. This couldn't be avoided, despite the fact that I purposedly logged out outside of an inn, I still had rested bonus from not touching this character for a couple of weeks.

In any case, this is still less rested bonus than any normal player will get. So the results are still very accurate and are obtained under very handiccaping circumstances:

  • I remind you that this is done with NO rested bonus. I logged out my character outside of an inn on purpose. I only had about 40% of rested bonus at level 20. That's it.
  • I'm leveling a Paladin, they aren't exactly the fastest levelers, as you all know.
  • No twinking. I'm leveling on a new server, so this character isn't getting any financial help for his gear. You can check Holyjame's Armory Profile and you'll see he's only using greens from quest rewards or which dropped for me while leveling. The only exception is the weapon, which I bought from the AH. But this level 30 sword was quite a bargain and only cost me 1 gold.
  • I'm leveling First Aid, simply because it's something I think every character should level. This probably slowed me down by a good 10 minutes.
  • I died a couple of times once again, simply because I played like a reckless noob trying to take on camps of 5 mobs with no mana left and lay on hands on cooldown. Another 10 minutes wasted.
  • I alt tabbed and fixed a couple of mistakes as I went. Another 10 minutes.
  • I added the whole Paladins quest line in this chapter while doing the speed run. It made me waste another good 10 minutes because some quest turn ins were being annoying and not updating properly. However, I'm quite happy with the end result, I think the paladin quest chain is now incorporated beautifully and fits perfectly in the guide ;)
So there you have it, another 30 minutes wasted. and if I had logged out inside an inn, you could easily chalk off another 60 minutes. If you add that to the time wasted similarly in the previous chapter, it's safe to say that we could substract 2 hours from the total /played at the end of this chapter.

Now let's see how this section went:

Level 21

Level 23

Level 25

Level 27

Level 29

Level 30

Total time /played at level 30: 19 hours
Average time per level from 20 to 30: 60 Minutes

I think it's safe to say that this is simply amazing, given the circumstances. And without all the time wasted since I started speed running this paladin, it could have been 17 hours to level 30. WITHOUT rested bonus and WITHOUT twinking. Let's just say I'm amazed at how good this addon is turning out to be :)

And that's not all of course. When I dinged level 30, I was far from being done with this guide. So I went until the end of it to see how much extra XP there is in this chapter:

Level 31

==Note== Level 30 to Level 31 only took 51 minutes. Quite impressive. I guess the 60% speed mount helped, but still impressive.

End of the Chapter

And that was the end of Boston's Alliance Leveling Guide (20-30). I ended up being level 31 and 74% EXP in. This means I'll be able to skip any eventual grinding session in the next chapters and generally have a very easy time completing quests, being 1 or 2 levels ahead :)

The next chapter will be interesting, because I'll finally start following my own guide: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (30-40) . I'll include a lot of revamps in that chapter and add extra quests you haven't seen in the paper version yet. The leveling speed should be quite something.

So stay tuned!

17 Response to "Leveling Addon Speed: Chapter 3"

  1. Matteo says:

    Even more impressive than the previous chapters.

    I have just one question: I'm doing something similar on my own, in more or less the same conditions you have. I was surprised that you were able to afford a 16-slot bag by that level. There is something I'm missing about money making :P?

    Anyway, what impressed me was the speed. Can't wait to see the progression of this :)

    Jame says:

    It's all about the greens Matteo :P

    I sold a couple of 2-Handed weapons for 3g each. Also sold a lot of other decent green items for 1g - 2g

    And the best part was a Leather bracer with +5 Agility I sold for 10g.

    And finally, a blue caster shoulder dropped, which I sold for 25g

    I don't even remember the name of those things. I used auctioneer's appraise function and just let it put my items on the AH without paying attention at all to the price.

    And the next day I was 45g richer :P

    Really, people pay crazy amounts for decent green items in the lower levels.

    Matteo says:

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer, Jame.

    I've been slighy less lucky, but on the other hand I think that a blue item is also a very good way to make money. I do the very same thing with auctioneer (even though I miss the old one...the classic version) on low level items.

    I guess that is the part that makes real your testing. Every player can loot some intersting green and sell it, hence increasing the quality of the "wow life" (buying bags it's the primary need I think...).

    Anyway, thanks again and have a nice day ^^

    David says:

    Jame, what addon are you using for your action bars, in the lower left part of the screen?

    Sebbe says:

    If I remember correctly he uses Bartender4 David ;)

    Matteo says:

    Dear David,

    Sebbe is right. Jame uses Bartender4 addon, which is a very good replacement of the standard action bars. It requires a minimum of time to set it, the key bingings are easily configurable and as far as I know, it's not heavy on the RAM. In my opinioin that addon changes totally the gaming experience , because it leaves a good space at the center of the screen, where you have to focus mainly during the 90% of the playing time.

    Arkaen says:

    James, I really must thank you! You've finally inspired me to make a Paladin on a realm I've wanted to have a decent level character on for ages. :)


    Krar says:

    Hey Jame,

    Wonderful work again with this update.

    I downloaded the latest version of the alliance TG files last night and there doesn't appear to be a dragonblight guide included, though there is a grizzly hills. Is this intentional or did i just miss something?

    Cheers !

    Melmordan says:

    I like how there's level guide advertisement on your blog^^

    Matteo says:

    Hi Jame, I'm back with another question (sorry). I've done 1-20 another time in the past days, and I wonder how much time you spend to level a certain weapon skill. This time I used all the way to 20 two-handed maces, but at level 20 I needed desperately an upgrade, thus I bought the same sword you got (executioner's sword), and started killing level 15-16 mobs. By the time I was done with the skill (95/100) I had basically grinded 40% into level 20; the funny fact is that one of the last mobs I killed dropped me a two handed mace that was better than the sword, kinda annoying :D

    Basically, what's the time you have spent on leveling the skill, and how that infulenced your XP?
    thanks again ^^

    Marz says:

    Hi Jame,

    Just tried out the addon this week, and it's a huge advantage over alt-tabbing to a guide. With the guide I wasted a lot of time reading through sections and trying to understand where things are and what I needed to do.

    With the addon I just need to glance at the arrow and the quest name and off I go!

    Thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated! :)

    Tarciryan says:

    @Matteo: If you want some easy cash on a fresh server, level a DK to 60 and you will have what amounts to a small fortune for a level 1 character.

    This require you to have a 55+ on another server of course.

    Marcin says:


    Is it possible to get 30lvl fast like U Jame but playing the horde character?

    nick says:


    i would think it would be possible if you use his horde leveling addon.

    And great work jame.

    Jame says:

    For sure, the horde leveling guide is just as fast as the alliance guide, if not faster.

    In the future I'll make a speed test on the horde side, using a hunter. Results should be impressive ;)

    Cord says:

    Jame - ty for your guides. I love them. just a comment on speed. i'm level 16 warlock 3/4 to 17 sitting at a /played of 10 hours. blow 15 for running to the human starting point and a generous hour for getting voidwalker - that puts me still way behind your paladin.

    That said the ingame guide is very good and well appreciated. ty.

    angela says:

    ok that's wired i am a person that follows your guide and can NOT find a level 20-30 leveling guide on alliance