Leveling Addon Speed: Chapter 2

Here we go with the Adventures of Holyjame - Chapter 2 ( Click here if you missed Chapter 1 )

This chapter covers the Addon Version of the levels 12-20 of our Alliance Leveling Guides: Maw's 12-20 Alliance Leveling Guide.

At the end of the last chapter, we were Level 12 and 78% done, and our /played was 2h 54min.

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 18

Level 19

Level 20

Level 20 /played: 9h 3min

Average time per level this chapter: 50 Minutes

This is quite good, and it's even more encouraging if you take into account the following:

  • I remind you that this is done with NO rested bonus. I logged out my character outside of an inn on purpose.
  • I'm leveling a Paladin, they aren't exactly the fastest levelers, as you all know.
  • No twinking. I'm leveling on a new server, so this character isn't getting any financial help for his gear. You can check Holyjame's Armory Profile and you'll see he's only using greens from quest rewards or which dropped for me while leveling. The only exception is the weapon, which I bought for 25s at the AH (quite a bargain ^^)
  • I decided to level First Aid while leveling, simply because it's something I think every character should level. This probably slowed me down by a good 10 minutes.
  • I died a couple of times, simply because I played like a reckless noob. Another 10 minutes wasted.
  • I alt tabbed and fixed a couple of mistakes as I went. Another 10 minutes.
So there you have it, if I hadn't wasted those 30 minutes and if I had logged out inside an inn, you could easily chalk off another 60 minutes. Which means that the /played from 1 to 20 could be somewhere close to 8 hours, which is awesome for a non-twinked Paladin.

Stay tuned for the next chatper!

12 Response to "Leveling Addon Speed: Chapter 2"

  1. Tarciryan says:

    Would be interesting to see how good this is compared to a run where you use the "paper" version of the guide.

    PS2: How's Zul'Drak coming? :-)

    Jame says:

    Zul'Drak won't come anytime soon sadly. I've decided to focus on the addons first before I resume the WotLK guides.

    More info about it here.

    Jiyambi says:

    Yay for HolyJame! Can't wait until I have some more time so I can help with addon coding, I'm convinced I could make them up to your standards ;)

    Jame says:

    Hell, I'm convinced you could even improve them further than my standards, judging by what you've done with your guides already ;)

    Can't wait to see you try Ji!

    Ingvild says:

    Hey Jame, nice blog. :)

    How do you "flip" the bars using bartender? I've used bartender for quite a while now, but I still haven't figured out how to do it. I thought it would take less space on my screen :)

    Jame says:

    It's quite easy :)

    Just set the number of rows to 12 (default is 1)

    Shinke says:

    Hey Jame! Just wanted to drop in and say that I've (somehow) created a blog. No clue what I'm doing though. Anyhow, nice time! Can't wait to try it myself.

    Traggarth says:

    good going there holyjame:-)
    i really like the way you have your UI. gonna try that tonight

    Velzic says:

    Hey Jame, I'm working on a blood elf priest and recording it via my blog. I just finished Snowflake's 1-12 guide and it worked great. Where would be a good place to leave feedback for whoever is working on the horde guides? I have a few (minor) details to suggest. Of course they may already know what's going on but it never hurts to help right?

    My site is leftisdeath.michaelringle.net if you, or whoever is working on the add-on guides, want to track my progress.

    I'm still jealous of your leveling speed.

    Jame says:

    This is the place where you should leave feedback:

    WoW-Pro TourGudie Work in progress page

    Seth says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Seth says:

    I got to level 20 last night with my paladin following your guide! I got pretty close to your numbers on the 12-20 part. I was a little faster at 8.5 hours. Thats with a lot of rested bonus. The fist part I was way behind because I did some fishing and cooking. He is also twinked as possible on a brand new server!

    here are some screen shots