WoW-Pro Karma Rankings - Big plans for the near future!

In case you don't know what "Karma Rankings" are, it's basically a user contribution ranking system for wow-pro. Everytime someone posts a guide or a useful comment, he gets Karma Points. The more Karma Points, the higher the rank on the site, from simple Member to Moderator.

I already made a long post a while ago explaining how the system works and what priviledges can be acquired, I suggest you read it before continuing with this blog post if you haven't already:

How to gain ranks on wow-pro - The Karma system

So here's what's new about the karma system:

  • The system is now fully integrated in the site. You can check how many points you have in your user profile. To access your profile, you can either click on your own avatar in a comment/guide you made, or simply click on "My Account" on the right-side menu.
  • The best part: the rankings are now updated instantly whenever you gain points. Follow this link to see the current Karma Rankings.
  • Moderators will be able to award points as well, and we should soon get a few moderators, since we have a couple of members closing in on 200 Karma points ;)
What's next?

  • In the future, top ranked members will get rewarded for their efforts. Like for example, the TOP 5 Members will get a beta key for the next WoW expansion. Top 20 Members will receive a cool custom WoW-Pro T-shirt. Things like that ;)
  • An XP bar will appear under the user's avatar to see how close he is to attain the next rank.
  • The user's rank will be displayed next to his avatar as well.
There will be much more, but for now, that's all I'm going to reveal. Stay tuned and keep contributing ;)

3 Response to "WoW-Pro Karma Rankings - Big plans for the near future!"

  1. Arkaen says:

    On the site you say it's not completely integrated, but here you say it is. Can you clarify which is correct?

    Jame says:

    It was just a typo. I meant "it's NOW completely integrated" :)

    daemun says:

    sounds awesome jame! im really gonna have to put a few more guides together ><