WoW Pro Down

WoW-Pro is down right now, but don't worry it's normal. We're working on some changes on the site and it should be back up within an hour.

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please use the google cache function to view guides.

8 Response to "WoW Pro Down"

  1. John says:

    Do you have another link to your guides that isn't connected to wow-pro? Specifically the alliance 30-40 one.

    Alex says:

    Yeah, id really appreciate another link to the guides. i dont dare touch my game without consulting your guides. They're my bible lol. really wanna level my dk past 60. cheers. alex

    Jeremy says:

    What is this Google Cache thing you speak of?

    Quinn says:

    Just google search the guide and then click the "Cached" link in the result corresponding to the guide. Example, "jame's alliance leveling guide 30-40" yields the following:

    Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide 30-40

    Alex says:

    Ahh cool. Thanks Quinn

    Jame says:

    The site is back up now ;)

    Chris says:

    The site doesn't work for me, and since im following your guide i can't level at the moment, and the chached thing that you said doesnt work for me either. Only if i click "text version" and then its all white with text and looks rly weird :S

    kiss says:

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