Interview with GameSpy

Hey guys, sorry I'm not done with the next addon chapter as I had planned. You'll have to wait a little more for the next adventures of Holyjame the retadin.

However I've got some interesting reading for you instead. I had an interview with GameSpy today and they wrote a nice news article about it.

You probably know part of what we discussed already if you follow my blog, but there is also some new stuff I never talked about before, so I recommend checking it out, it's very nicely written.

You can find the article here: GameSpy Interview.

Feel free to comment and discuss!

7 Response to "Interview with GameSpy"

  1. Tarciryan says:

    This was definately a fun and interesting read, I always wondered if Snowflake was your gf/wife, what your job was, how old you were and where you were from:-)

    PS: How's Zul'Drak coming along? :D

    Seth says:

    Thats a pretty sweet interview Jame! Great news that wow-pro is going to cover Diablo 3! I too loved D2 and D1. WoW is just feels like a place holder until D3 comes out.

    Matteo says:

    Very nice interview! It answered me some of questions I always had to ask, and explained some other interesting things. I really appreciate the effort you put in your site and your guides :)

    greetings from Benhir

    Martin says:

    if you don't mind I will write in french I'm more comfy that way =)

    "vous dites dans votre entrevue que vous aimereriez que le site génère suffisamment de revenu pour couvrir les frais et de vous permettre de vous mettre à l'écriture de guide à plein temps. Comment pouvons-nous, comme visiteurs, vous aider à obtenir des revenus?

    - en cliquant les pubublicités?
    - en créant un account sur urban-rivals?

    merci de l'info

    Jame says:

    Exactly, that's a nice way for wow-pro supporters to contribute:

    -Don't ignore the advertise you see on the site. If it's interesting, click on it. You support the site in the big way by doing so.
    -Creating an account on Urban Rivals is also a nice way to support the site. Because Urban Rivals will keep on sponsoring wow-pro if new users keep coming through our referral link.

    Jame says:

    Let me stress this though:

    Do not just click randomly on every advertise you see. That doesn't help the site. Only click on advertise if it actually interests you!

    TX7Phyl says:

    My husband and I have played together through your guides up to level 60 so far. They have been a tremendous help. Thanks for a set of great guides.