What's happening?

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates, I just didn't get much time to write lately, because of the following 3 reasons:

  1. I'm working on my Zul'Drak Leveling Guide as fast as I can.
  2. I'm currently working together with a professional Drupal Theme Designer to have a brand new theme for wow-pro. It's a lot of work but it looks very promisng, I can't wait to have it finished.
  3. Christmas time is coming, so a lot of preparations have to be made for family visits, buying gifts, wrapping gifts (and god I suck at wrapping gifts), etc.
I'll still try to write a few blog entries during the christmas period, and after the first week of January, everything should back to normal and the blog will be back to a normal amount of activity.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best christmas hollydays!

4 Response to "What's happening?"

  1. Cant wait for your Zul'Drak guide to come out ... Just finished the Grizzly Hills guide yesterday (only 6% away from level 78).

    I wanna reach 80 fast, but I dont wanna do Zul'Drak without your guide ... ! :-)

    So I might just grind out the last two levels ... unless you suprise release the next part within this week! :-)

    Anyways thanks for doing the guides and running such a great website!

    Best X-Mas wishes from Denmark!

    Best Regards

    Matteo says:

    Very good new to hear. Take your time Jame, don't worry :)

    And yes, I wish you and wow pro comunity a merry christmas!

    Rakhman says:

    No problem, I've only just started in Dragonblight, following your guides, and am level 77, so I have plenty of time before I run out of guide!

    Merry Xmas!

    Jame says:

    Thank you, and merry christmas to you all <3