Making WoW-Pro even better

Today I'm taking a short break from writing my leveling guides (do not worry, it's only gonna be today :P).

I decided it was high time to clean up the site, as many guides have been submitted a long time ago and are outdated.

I've already started cleaning up the Class Guides section. You can for example check the Druid Guides section and you'll see that there's only good guides there.

By good I mean that these guides are:

  • Updated and relevant for Wrath of the Lich King
  • Nicely formatted, or at least in the process of being properly formatted
There is a lot of work still left to do, so please bear with me and if you see any outdated guide, post a comment under it and I'll take it from there ;)

More importantly, since many guides are getting unpublished in the process, it means that new guides need to be written to replace them, and to keep track of what's needed, we're working on a Needed Guides list, which you can find here:

Needed Guides

It is a wiki page, so basically, every registered user can help keeping this list updated.

So if you feel like writing a guide, that's what you need to check first, to make sure that your efforts are not wasted ;)

7 Response to "Making WoW-Pro even better"

  1. Matteo says:

    Great, I have to say it: it was time to do this :P I looked for some guide about leveling a mage but there were only outdated ones. Anyway, I think that from now on things will be better.


    J. Coons says:

    I love your guides but I've been unable to load your website for days. I cleared my cookies and everything. For some reason it will not connect to wow pro.

    Pneus says:

    One thing I would recommend would be with the class guides. How about organizing them as such:

    All Levelling Guides and General Guides go here.
    Spec 1 Guides->
    Spec 2 Guides->
    Spec 3 Guides->

    I think this would make it easier for people to browse.

    Tyzers says:

    I love that you are updating the site, it always annoys me to run across outdated gold or farming guides. And to J. Coons:
    I had the same problem. I use Firefox, and wouldn't let me open up wow-pro. When i opened it in Internet Explorer, however, it worked fine.

    Arkaen says:

    My suggestion, as I have consulted the Blizzard "higher-ups," is to delete your WTF folder.

    On topic, though, now. Jame, I'm glad you're cleaning up the site, as long as you keep guides that could still interest people as something to do in their spare time, such as the Rhok'delar stuff.

    Chris says:

    Hello Jame -

    Thank you for the guides.

    A suggestion re warrior class guides.

    The current guide is a long way off current theory and practice.

    A suggestion might be an alliance or partnership with

    They have huge hit numbers and I am sure you could both benefit each other.

    It would be an alliance of what I consider to be the two premier WoW web sites and could hopefully offer reciprocal benefits to both.

    Thanks again for the guides


    Ji says:

    Merry Christmas, Jame.
    I have learned many skills from your WOW leveling guide. thanks.