Misinformed People Annoy Me

Someone on the US Thread actually posted this:

C) James Guides seem to totally rip off Joana's guides at certain steps... Jame just words things differently.

This is just ridiculous, and I can't even reply over there. Frustrating.

It's just silly, I mean think a second. That would mean that:

a) I bought Joana's Guide or stole it.
b) I can't write guides myself.

Just so you know, Joana only write guides for the horde, and I wrote guides for both the horde and the alliance. So who did I steal it from for my Alliance guides? I'm just waiting for the next person to say I stole them as well from some guide you have to pay for.


  • Just because you paid for a guide doesn't mean it's better than mine.
  • My guides are free, but that doesn't mean I stole them from somewhere.

I never ever even glanced at any of those paying guides. The only thing I know about them are from the e-mails and comments I get from people who use my guides and have tried those paying guide in the past. I get hundreds of those, and they are unanimous: they tried both and found my guide to be better.

Now I don't know, but if all I did was stealing work from Joana's or other paying guides, well then I'd be a pretty damn good copycat, don't you think?

What about my Wrath of the Lich King guides I just released, who did I steal those from? During the beta? I had time to re-write everything from some guide I stole and make it even better?

Ludicrous. My guides being free and available to everyone, I'm probably the one whose guide is getting ripped off left and right by shady paying guides sites.

So anyway, I shouldn't be getting worked up like that because the guy who posted this is probably a shill or is really badly misinformed, I'm just sick of seeing a new comment like that one every other two pages on the forums, I had to clear that up and I had to vent.


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  1. Tarciryan says:

    I'm sorry you have tools like this putting out misinformation (maybe he's republican). I have a friend in New York who used to play WoW, I sent him an e-mail to ask if he still plays and if so if he can use his account to post a reply in your defense. Hope you don't mind:-)

    Jame says:

    I sure don't mind as long as it's done in a civil manner. :P

    Jame says:

    And thanks for offering help Tarciryan!

    Matthew says:

    Ouch, sorry to here that Jame. Some people just look for ill in everything. Just because you and Joana came to same conclusion about a particular route being the best in one spot, doesn't mean you ripped her off. Such is life though /sigh

    Whyzer says:

    I used your guides, and checked joanas, and imo your guides are more comprehensive and easier to follow step by step than joanas. Couple of steps that "seem" as "ripp off" are just because quests are the same, and there should be some same steps. I'm at 75 with your guides on my dk and waiting for next parts, all the while farming and ganking :D

    Keep up the good work

    Deimar says:

    I have used both Joana's and your guides for several chars and I found yours quite better and comprehensible. Keep the good work Jame!! Ill soon use your Northrend guide with my DK :D

    Janneman says:

    Jame, ignore them. They are just mad that you give away your guide for free! :D

    jolah says:

    I'd just like to say that your guides helped me immensely jame. I didn't initially follow them (I did quest to 60 in the Plaguelands however following another guide) but at about level 63 I suddenly decided getting lost in Zangarmarsh was a bad idea.

    So off I went to follow your guides, which took me all the way through Dragonblight (I looked for the Grizzly Hills one but it was not done yet).

    If I had to describe your guides in one word, it would be "awesome".

    Thanks to you I was the horde first level 80 DK on my realm!

    Janneman says:

    James Guides seem to totally rip off Joana's guides at certain steps... Jame just words things differently

    This person can't be to bright, because once you get to certain areas there is just a fastest order of doing things. I use the questhelper addon and that mostly agrees with your order of completing tasks.

    Tjockis says:

    In times like this I would like to praise you, Your work have saved me so many houers in game.

    And i hope coments like that wont stop you.

    // Deathringer - Your first swedish FAN =)

    Theizual says:

    just dont take care of those idiots who give u bad feedback or shouts that your guide is a ripoff. I guess that more people here really thankfull what u have done. just take care of them and listen to the positive feedback they gave you! WE are all happy that u did what you've done and keep up doing it.
    Do your thing!!!
    No matter what u will ever do to this world, there will always be someone who doesnt like it or will be jealous for the fame.

    jsut my 2 cents

    P.s. have u got a small idea when you are propaply going to release grizzly hills guide?

    Matteo says:

    That comment is rude yet right. I mean, your guide it's not a rip-off of Joana's guide, basically you and Joana have written the same quest circuits becasue they are the most efficent in terms of xp/hour. Even questhelper at times gives the same routes you do. The bad thing about that post in my opinion is the way is written: offensive and rude.

    Just don't care and go one with the good work ;).

    Your guides are brilliant, by following them to the end of Dragonblight (Level 75) I hit level 76, and recieved all the achievements you said on the way. All this from playing casually over 3 days.

    Many thanks :)

    Shoney says:

    Jame, This is the first time i actually post something but me and my wife have used your guides many a time now.
    Don't let these people get to you. Your guides are miles ahead of the competition. There is no denying at this moment there is simply no substitute for your guides.

    The fact that ingame i run into people on the same leg of your guide as me simply states that the popularity of your guides keep growing on a daily basis.

    All i can say is keep up the good work! Your guides enhance my gaming pleasure immensly. Thank you VERY much.

    Herc says:

    Optimized fast circuits usually means 1 or 2 ways to get it done ... that's why it's called the "fastest way".

    So the poster forgot about that one detail =P

    Stephen says:

    I've enjoyed your guides a lot.

    I do have to say that they have a different pacing and direction to them than the paid guides, better detail in many ways, and they do not assume that you are using a hunter (which is essential to some of the guides as they run you in over your head otherwise).

    arb says:

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but your 70-72 Guide, and I dare say all the others, has been blatantly copied here:


    It still has the copyright on it, etc, but you'll not be getting the ad revenue if people us that site.

    Quinn says:

    I'm sure that most people, like myself, immediately suspect these claims to be false. In fact, anyone that actually gives it some thought would see through such a claim.

    Firstly, plagiarism on the internet is normally done the opposite way, taking something free and charging for it.

    Secondly, look at the amount of support you have in that thread alone. Joana's guide has been around for a while, and if there were any inappropriate similarities, we would've heard about them by now.

    You are rightly annoyed at this lamer, but don't think he will affect your reputation.

    Ricesteam says:

    Your guides are teh best! It helped me level fast.

    Ignore the naysayers, keep up the good work.

    Alan says:

    I posted a reply in your defense Jame.


    Nolan T says:

    It's okay Jame-- some people still love you, and want you to write guides on other topics.

    Katie H. says:

    Jame, we love you. Without your guides, we'd be sad, lost souls with semi-bad guides that we had to pay 40 bucks for - fact is, most people are just ignorant and dumb.

    gnowine says:

    jame baby, because of u , i lvled my first 2 lvl 70 chars before the add on.
    and i mean this okay no joke, ur gods send haha, when i found ur guide i was like "hey cool" but now when i use it all the time im like " thank god i found ur guide jame ! love u! "

    i mean the quality of your guide, is just WOW. so much time and effort! im 100% sure that u helped a LOT of people playing WOW using ur guide.

    nuff said. ur cool and keep up the freaking great work

    Saemundr says:

    You have every right to bar up, What he said is just ludicrous.

    SOME of what you say is copied BUT WORDED DIFFERENTLY? Its a game, where some questlines are OBVIOUSLY going to overlap in MORE than one place when 2 people sit down individually to write a guide.

    I posted a reply, but meh, theres so much fan support in that thread at all, and the responses to that misinformed soul are not flaming, they are correcting - a perfect example of how we are not suicidal fanboys, just lovers of all that is Jame :)

    James says:

    Your guide is tons better. I used a different guide (paid) from 75-80 (your guides were not out yet :/) and the directions and pictures you provide are far superior.

    Arkaen says:

    Jame, I'm sorry to see your name besmirched. In my opinion, just either reply civilly or ignore it altogether, if your going to post about it on the US Forums (Fans of Jame in the US, I'm looking at you.) To put it as simply as possible, the official World of Warcraft forums, in many parts of it, are terribly misinformed fools who never research before speaking, or who just try to fit in, by saying what other people say without knowing crap about it. The sad part is, many of us, including myself, are or were like them.

    Jame says:

    Wow, you guys really have my back. I didn't expect so much support.

    Thank you, much <3!

    reidkg says:

    You should not get worked up imo. People are like this... everyone has a critic. Trust all the people that like your guide ignore this guy.

    Finished through Dragonblight with your guide and now level 77 with instance xp. Patiently waiting...

    Warwolf says:

    Yes Don't let them get you down, your guides are simply the best :)


    There are hundreds of positive comments for your guides and 1 idiot and I would say thats pretty good numbers.


    Your guides are great! You help people like me (casual players) level faster and try catch up with friends at higher levels. Its multi-user game but if you´re left behind ... Its not fun at all, its better play xbox alone. And you do it for free of charge, great work!
    You have fans everywere (ie. I´m from Brazil) please keep the good work! And I´d like to say Thank You! Remember the big numbers who love your work... not some guy saying 'stole from xx,yy'!
    Good Luck!

    Jame says:

    Yes, I know I shouldn't let it affect me. But you know sometimes it just takes one idiot to spread a stupid rumor, and stupid rumors sadly tend to spread fast.

    So that's why I'm glad you guys where there to back me up.

    But I guess there'll always be someone every page of every thread talking nonsense.

    Just check the last two pages, I've got one guy saying the site has keyloggers. Mmmk.

    And another one of those misinformed random dude who says "those guides are obsolete because of questhelper and carbointe".

    It's just sad how mislead some people are. I just hope nobody takes them seriously, because they are dead wrong, and I've proven that many times, with facts.

    My guides are just better than questhelper and carbonite or whatever, by miles, if they weren't, why the heck would I bother writing them.


    Matthew says:

    I don't post on here very often, but I frequent your site nearly once a day to see if anything updates. To just hear of people posting things like that is quite disappointing. As you said, who would there be to steal from during beat?!

    You are by far doing some of the best work I have come across, and I am sure the WoW Community as a whole can appreciate EVERYTHING you have done. I know if it weren't for your DK info, I would have been lost right out of the gates, but it prepared me well in advance. And again, who else would I have gotten as much detailed information (and guidance, since that what this is really about).

    Long story short, just let these guys blow off their steam. They truly must be misinformed or just jealous that they couldn't possibly produce something as thorough and meaningful. Keep on rockin' your things, cause in the end you will still have all of us loyal followers!

    louh says:

    What happened to your level 70 guide? I was using it the last couple of days and never ever had a better more fun time playing WOW. It seems to have dissapeared though. I thought it was really useful and now I feel lost. Is there a way to get it back?

    Jame says:

    Hmm what do you mean lost?

    It's still all there for me:

    Alliance 30-80
    Horde 21-80

    All the Other Guides from 1 to 30 are also still there.

    And my Death Knight Guides are also still there.

    I just tried all those links and they load fine.

    If you mean there was a blank page for you, it can happen sometimes very shorthly when the server bugs out due to the comment module. But it's generally never more than a couple of minutes and then the page is back.

    louh says:

    It's back again. It must like you said. The server may have been down for a bit.
    By lost I meant that I was using your guide and it was so useful that when I was not able to to connect to it, due to whatever reason, my playing and lquest completion became much slower and I felt like I was lost in Northrend not knowing where to go.
    Thanks again for the excellent guide.

    Hey Jame, just ignore those mad persons with those ridiculous comments, please! Who would like to do such funny things like ripping off charging guides and then publishing a rewrite version free of charge? In my country, he would be regarded as "Lei Feng" for joking. I'd followed your guide and found it very effective. At least personally I honored your work to be excellent. Please go on, we're waiting for your guide through 76-80!

    Joan says:

    I love your guide. It makes wow fun, doesn't let me run around in circles... and helps me manage my time. Now I play wow, take care of my 3 month old daughter and attend school 3 days a week.

    you. are. fawesome.

    and i agree with you on every count that your guide is tons better than carbonite quest or whatever. \o/ Ignore those idiots!!

    Jame says:

    Much <3 to all of you ;)