Leveling Speed 75-76

And that's how the rest of the Dragonblight guide went for my hunter:

Total Time Played at level 75: 117 days 22 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds
Total Time Played at level 76: 118 days 2 hours 11 minutes 33 seconds

Time needed from 75 to 76: 3h 51m 33 s

That's pretty good isn't it? Well guess what, I'm actually dissapointed with it. Because I know the lower part of my Dragonblight Guide can do much better.

But let me explain why I didn't pull some crazy numbers this time:

  • I did all the group quests of Dragonblight. I don't know why, but I just wanted to do them all and was hoping some special quest would become unlocked ^^ You never know, right? :P Anyway, this slowed me down quite a bit as you can imagine, as looking for a group and waiting on members to gather can take a while sometimes.
  • As always, overcrowding slowed me down, especially in the New Hearthglen circuits, this was horrible.
  • I dinged 76 right before I was about to get to the juicy part of my guide, which is at the end when you turn in a bunch of quests at the same time and then move on to the wrath gate cinematic for another couple of easy 30K xp turn ins. Just to give you an idea, look how much XP I already had just 12 minutes after I dinged 76:

216,000 xp in 12min, which means about 1,000,000 XP/hour ^^.

Of course, this was once again done without rested bonus and without consumables. So you'll agree that these are pretty good numbers, and it's very promising for the future.

So at that point I ran out of leveling guides to follow, just like you guys, and that meant back to guide writing for me.

But before let's have an overview at how level 70 to 76 went for me:

Total Time Played at level 70: 117 days 3 hours 23 minutes 53 seconds
Total Time Played at level 76: 118 days 2 hours 11 minutes 33 seconds

Time needed from level 70 to level 76: 22h 47m 40s

That means it took me 3h48 on average per level from 70 to 76.

And that was all done during the crazy release week. So there you have it, proof that my guide can level you extremely fast while playing at a rather casual pace.

Alright, I wouldn't call 3h48min a day casual, but I wouldn't call it hardcore either, I think anyone can agree with me on that.

Now of course, first time users of my guides probably won't do it as fast as I did, but the second time you go through my guide for your alt, and without having to deal with overcrowding, you'll probably come close to those numbers ;)

Or even better, next time you follow my guide, it will be with my in-game addon format, which I will be working on as soon as I'm done with the paper version for all the Northrend zones. And with that, nobody will come close to your leveling speed, no matter what!

So stay tuned.

17 Response to "Leveling Speed 75-76"

  1. Matthew says:

    You're making an in game format?!?!?! Hurray! I've actually been in the process of converting your Alliance guides into TourGuide format (for myself only). Glad to here something like this is in the works though. And thanks again for the guides!

    Jame says:

    Yes I am indeed ;)

    shieldsup says:

    Just wanted to pop in for a second and thank you for your fantastic work. None of my alts would have reached 70 without your guides, so please do keep up the good work.

    Shields Up!

    Cody says:

    WOoooo! In game will be fun. LOVED the Dragonblight guide. As a prot pally, in kara/s2 gear (w/ quest upgrades along the way) I soloed all the group quests, except Abbendis, but it was crowded anywho so I couldn't try :) Lookin forward to more guides!
    Thanks a million!

    Jiyambi says:

    OMG, sooooo excited for an in-game addon. Anything will be great, it would be spectacular if it worked something like (or even with!) questhelper. Anyways, exciting news and I can't wait to see your new guides, like everyone else!

    Bob says:

    James, Amazing work!

    Just want to remind you, that in spite of all the Northrend hubbub, there are still Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley quest guides to write.

    I don't think of your guides as 'fastest way to level' (though they are, aside from guild-driven tag-the-mob-and-move-on powerleveling). I think of them as 'fastest way to fulfill the most amount of quests in the least amount of time.

    In other words - don't forget that your guides are ideal for finishing the 'complete X number of quests in a particular region' achievements. I am trying to complete those achievements in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley and your guides would sure come in handy for the task!

    Jame says:

    Worry not, I will write a guide for SMV and the rest of Netherstorm, I always said I would do it.

    It's just been pushed back because of WotLK stuff getting the priority.

    But it will be done eventually ;)

    Tarciryan says:

    I've been hoping for an ingame version of your guides for a long time! If I had any idea on how to make addons I probably would have made them myselves just for my own benefit:-p (my alt and tab buttons are basicly faded to black by now).

    Anyways I've reached 74 on my DK and it's going great! I've found some minor mistakes (ie some of your coords are made into smileys:-p) but as for accuracy it's very impressive, both at level 71 and 72 I dinged EXACTLY when the guide told me to. That was with no rested and no instance xp. I went into Nexus and UK after that so I dinged abit earlier for 73 and 74.

    I don't think I've died since the dreaded lagspike of 59 (level 59 that is) :p.

    I still can't get my head around some of your talent reccomendations though. Are you sure blood is superior to frost as the secondary tree? I guess it's a question of getting Icy Talons early or late at the expense of Rage of Rivendare.

    And wouldn't unholy aura+maxing Necrosis make you level faster than desecration? 5% dmg doesnt seem much for five points, the slow effect is rarely if ever useful while leveling (different in PvP) ofc. I haven't done any DPS testing of different specs so I am very careful about being too sure, but I can't see the talents in blood being better than the sole benefit of Icy Talons (which you will have maxed before level 70 if you wait with Rage of Rivendare).

    Pleugh...wall of text, sorry:-p Anyways, can't wait for the rest of your guides, keep it up!

    Archie says:

    Don't get me wrong, I really like your guides and I would love to be able to follow them and level up as fast as I could. But sadly that's not the case because I spend too much time trying to find out where are all those locations you mention throughout the guide.

    I know you were pissed with a comparison with Joana's guides a few posts back, so let me start by saying that I don't think you are copying anyone! But what I liked about Joana's guide was that I had the quest info on the left and the map with all the places I had to visit on the right. It was much easier to follow that way.

    But well, it's like you already said, the second time I level up another toon, I'll use it and by then I'll know where's what.

    Really hope that your project of making a in-game addon is in a 'very' near future ;)

    Jame says:

    Hey Tarcy. I know what you mean about those talents, because I had exactly the same reaction as you when I saw them.

    I was like "wow 20% haste" is crazy good. And same for necrosis, I believed 10% extra shadow damage on auto attacks was huge.

    And actually those talents would be huge if they were part of the warrior or the rogue talent tree, because so much of their damage comes from white damage.

    This isn't the case for DKs, white damage is a much smaller portion of a Death Knight's DPS than for rogues and warriors.

    Which is why haste is actually a very poor stat for DKs, compared to War/rogs at least.

    I don't have the numbers with me, but people did the math back then and Necrosis translated into a +0.8% dmg per point (that's less than desecration).

    And with Icy Talons, the problem is that you have to get a whole bunch of crap talents to access it. And because haste isn't that much of a big deal for DKs, it's not worth the trouble and the Blood Talents I have you took actually bring more DPS altogether than what you'd get from speccing frost up to talons.

    Hope this clears it up ;)

    First i wanna say that i love your guide, they have helped me a great deal but i do have some problems. I'm playing a DK and not lvling quite as fast as I'd like to. From 55-70 it all went really fast. BUt now im kinda struggling. Took me over 9 hours to get from 72 to 73 in Howling Fjord. Crowding wasn't really an issue, i did die a feve times to horde and i made a couple of mistakes but nothing rly to warrant such slow lving time. Could it be that Howling is much slower than borean?

    Agata says:

    Hello Jame,
    I must say, your guides are almost the best thing what happen to me in correlation with WoW :)
    The thing is, I reached 77lvl and I am just at beginning of Grizzli Hills. I know it takes lot of time to write all guides and I am not rushing you, but could you just tell, what direction you propose after Grizzli Hills? I mean where to go? Should it be ZulDrak or Scholazar? I suppose you want to leave 2 zones for maximum level as you did with Outland, but could you just give some direction? :)
    Thanks in Advance,

    Cloud9 says:

    Say what!? In-game guide? I cant wait!

    Jame says:


    9 hours for a level with a DK? That's really weird. And no, Howling Fjord isn't slower than Borean Tundra. A level should take between 4 and 6 hours following my guide. I don't know what could be the reason. Too much ganking?


    Scholazar or Zul'dark, haven't made my decision yet :p

    Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your guides. I never thought I would reach level 70 ever. I did it with your guide in less than a month while working a full time job and taking care of a family. You have my respect for sure and appreciate all your attention to detail. Blessings on what's to come.

    cerement says:

    Would love an in-game version of the guide, but PLEASE keep it lightweight and simple (along the lines of the magic of TourGuide + TomTom). The bloated behemoths like QuestHelper and Carbonite look pretty, but add way too much cruft and lag.

    bert says:

    Hi jame, i'd say, ur guide's definitely the guide to follow!
    just checking, wats that UI addon u have for your hunter? i'd like to download it too..makes the screen less cluttered!

    I've reached 75 just by following your guide and hopefully by the time i finish your dragonblight guide, i'd be 76 and the GH guide would be ready =)

    once again! thanks!!