Grizzly Hills Release Date, Karma Rankings and about WoW-Pro

As you can see from the title, there's a lot I want to talk about today!

First of all, you've all been asking me relentlessly for a couple of weeks, so here they are, the release dates for my Grizzly Hills Leveling Guide.

Friday 5th December: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Grizzly Hills (75-76)
Friday 12th December: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Grizzly Hills (75-76)

Please note that this is just an estimation, there is a big chance I might release those guides earlier, so check the front page on every night and day if you want to be the first to use the guides :P


Karma Rankings

In case you missed it, the November 2008 Karma Rankings have been published yesterday.

I would like to express my thanks to the wow-pro community, for having contributed so much over the past two months. The community is growing rapidly, more and more users are registering and starting to write guides and to post nice comments. Right now more than 500 users already have gained Karma Points, and I started the system barely a month ago, so this speaks volume about the helpfulness of wow-pro members.

So thanks everyone for making wow-pro a great place for World of Warcraft players of all kinds.

Special thanks go to Jiyambi, Shikamaru and Souricette for having done so much. Your support means a lot to me and it's taking a whole lot of work off my back.



Lately I got e-mails from a few people who follow my blog, and they actually didn't know where my guides were, because they didn't even know about wow-pro, believe it or not :P

So I decided it was high time for me to make a little blog post about wow-pro.

WoW-Pro is where it all started, that's where I wrote my first guides in 2005. My first guide was a Scholomance Instance Guide actually ;)

As you can see, I've improved a lot as a guide writer since then. Anyway, that's where all my guides are, and that's also where all the guides from the wow-pro community are. And there are hundreds of them, all free and waiting to be used, commented on and improved!

For the new wow-pro users, here is a quick list of important links:

1. The Front Page - That's where all the news and newly published guides appear, check it everyday if you don't want to miss anything.
2. Leveling Guides Collection - A list of guides covering leveling from 1 to 80, for all races.
3. Guides Directory - This is a directory of all guides, split in 7 main categories. General Guides, Leveling Guides, Class Guides, Gold Making Guides, Instance Guides, Tradeskills Guides and Guides in Other Languages. Browse it and you'll probably find what you need.
4. Create Content - If you want to write a guide, that's the place to go. But before you beging to write a guide, check my Guide Writing Guide to avoid any beginner guide writer mistake ;)

I hope that was helpful to my blog followers and to the new users of wow-pro!

12 Response to "Grizzly Hills Release Date, Karma Rankings and about WoW-Pro"

  1. Thanks for the update Jame.

    Jiyambi says:

    Awwww shucks Jame ;)

    Thanks for the update, looks like you will have the guide ready before I get to the Grizzly Hills anyway >_<

    daemun says:

    well it looks like the release of your grizzly hills guide coincides very nicely with the end of my finals! hopefully i'll be the appropriate level by then... and hopefully once i have a bit more time on my hands i'll be able to take another shot at writing a guide or two!

    Cloud9 says:

    Thanks man, i can hardly wait :D

    Spirit says:

    Well I'm nearly done with the Dragonblight area (nice trick with the dragon mount Jame, got a lot of envious whispers *g*) and I'm yearning for the horde Grizzly hills guide... please hurry!!! :-)

    Duncan says:

    Jame, is wow-pro your site? i.e. if I make a donation will it go to you personally, or does it get swallowed by some other people? I'd like to throw some cash your way as a thank you for the great guides.

    Aavemies says:

    Hey Jame!

    Awesome. I leveled my mage from 70-75 and have done 40% of Dragonblight. Can't wait to do Grizzly Hills.

    Actually I enjoy following your guides and always want more. It just makes quests feel more relaxable and useful. It saves ALOT time and money.

    My friend had 1000k xp to lvl up and I had 1200k xp. We trained at same time and I had 200k xp for lvl when he had 500k xp. He was just amazed. I told him about your guide and now he is also following it. :P

    Thank you Jame for awesome guides!

    PS: I really don't know what to do while waiting 76-80 guides. I'll be skipping like half of all quests and losing money, reputation and xp :|

    Looking for more,


    Jame says:

    @Duncan Yes wow-pro is my site. Donations go to me ;) I'm saving all the donations I'm getting lately, and once it reaches a sizeable amount I'll hire a professional to re-design the site and add all those cool features I've been wanting to have for a couple of years.

    @Aavemies Thank you, and way to spread the word, starting with friends is best, then guildmates, then those poor lost people on 1. General, and so on :P

    Arkaen says:

    Out of curiosity, how do you make the partial width [hr]?

    Jame says:

    Manually :P Underscore x10 or so.

    Justin says:

    [hr width="50%"] would also work. Sub the brackets out for < and > though of course.

    Clauren says:


    I just want to tell you that i stopped leveling, just because i want to grab your grizzly hills from the start instead of catch up with it.

    Thank you and i hope you release that guide tomorrow!! :)