American? Fan of Jame's Guides? Wanna help out?

If you:
  1. Play World of Warcraft on the US realms
  2. Like my guides
  3. Want to return the favor
Then there's a very easy way for you to do so. Sadly I can't post on the US forums myself, because I live in Europe. And this is actually too bad because a vast majority of wow-pro readers come from the US.

Jiyambi was kind enough to post an announcement for me on the US General Forums, but unluckily, the thread really quickly disappeared off the first page and very few people got the chance to see it:

US General Discussion Link

So I would really appreciate if you could reply to that thread and maybe say what were your experiences with my guide. If it was helpful to you or if you plan to use my WotLK leveling guides, then reply to this thread and mention it :)

That's the best way to get our community growing. Help me turn this thread into a success like the one I have running currently on the european forums:

EU General Discussion Link

Thank you in advance for your support and... YES, WE CAN! ;)

21 Response to "American? Fan of Jame's Guides? Wanna help out?"

  1. Jame says:

    Looks like it's working, I feel the love ;)

    Thanks guys!

    And yes sorry, I forgot Australians can post there too, cheers!

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Hey Jame, I went to check it out, and I couldnt get into the forums. I will advertise for you on my guild forums, my blog, over at Blog Azeroth, and a few other sites.

    Thanks dude.

    Jame says:

    I really appreciate that, thank you wyrmsfire.

    I spend so much effort in my guides, so the worst thing for me is that people don't know it exists.

    And thanks to people like you, many more people will know about it :)

    Andy says:

    Righty, I posted under my rogue Nuckchorris, I'll post again to keep it bumped later when I get home from school. Its the least I can do for all your well appreciated guides.

    Jame says:

    Thank you guys, really :)

    Matt says:

    Responded to the US thread to give it a bump, will respond later in the day with my other level 70 toon.

    daemun says:

    hey jame,

    that thread is now on my bump list :)

    Jame says:

    I'm really speechless, I didn't expect that much support :)

    Thank you guys.

    There's even a mom saying she uses my guides and her kids too, that's just great!

    And on a funny note, someone just posted that he "bought my first guide back when he was leveling 1-60". Whoever sold the guide to him must be a pretty damn good crook, and I feel sorry for the guy ^^

    Anna says:

    LOVE the guides, have used them, have posted, and am excited/sad when I try to open the links as all your links are broken/possibly have too much traffic at this point in time. Will keep checking back and bumping the thread and hopefully I will get to read a preview of what we are all eagerly awaiting doing when WOTLK goes live.

    Jame says:

    The blank page issue happens sometimes yes, but never more than a few minutes.

    I'm working hard on a fix and it should be done before the release, so no worries :)

    Jame says:

    Since I can't reply on the US board myself, I'll do it here, because a comment really bothered me:

    Guillas wrote:

    "It was a BETA. In case he doesn't understand, a BETA is when a product is released prematurely so that TESTERS can work out bugs/features/ and TEST a product. That little button that says 'Feedback', yeah, that's not in the finalized product.

    There were alot of PLAYERS not TESTERS in the Beta, this is the reason why the Paladin class was so broken come Live that it had to be hotfixed a day later.

    So thank him for me, for being a complete waste of a tester slot by spending all his time writing a guide instead of providing feedback that would have been used to make the game better."

    Dear Mr Guillas. I don't know where you get the assumption that I didn't send blizzard any feedback, just because I wrote a guide while playing the beta. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

    I've sent dozens, possibly over a hundred quest feedbacks to blizzard. That's probably a lot more than what the average beta tester can say.

    So I'm sorry if you're still angry that your precious paladin got nerfed, but find someone else to blame, because I think you totally go the wrong person. Thank you.

    Warwolf says:

    Hey Jame,

    I just cut & pasted your last post.

    BTW love your guides, I'm not a PLer but when Blizz changed the DK rules to need a lvl 55 on the realm you wanted your DK on, it threw my plans to play on my friends server in the air.

    Your Alliance guides saved my skin, it allowed me to PL my lvl 32 Warlock to 55 in no time.


    Jame says:

    I appreciate it Warwolf, thank you.

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Bumped the US thread and posted over at Blog Azeroth.

    Here's the linkage to BA:

    Here's to hoping that you get more traffic. If you get more people looking at your guides, that means that you are helping more people.

    That's always a good thing.

    Storm says:

    Hey, you're getting some attention and linking from Http:// now =)

    I tossed you a bump as well

    Jame says:

    Thank you for the bump ;)

    mdillard says:

    I posted my compliments on the thread at the provided link, thanks James for all the hard work!!

    Jame says:

    Thank you Mdillard!

    Keeping this thread alive is very important, it's one of the best ways to let people know that a high quality free guide exists.

    So as long as we're still in that "leveling phase", I'd really love you guys if you could keep this thread going.

    Jame says:

    Oh, and same thing goes for the European one, but it seems to be taking care of itself so far ;)

    edneck says:

    Hey Jame
    will be bumping your thread in the forums for sure. Just to let you know most of my guildies where complaining because their quest helper wouldn't work with vista suprise suprise so I got them to check you out lol so much for quest helper

    Jame says:

    Haha, cheers. I appreciate that, thanks!