WoW-Pro News!

First of all, yay! 200+ blog followers already. Thanks everyone for following my blog!

And now for the news, here is a list of what am I working on right now and what's coming next for wow-pro:

  • Finishing the Leveling Addon and making it perfect (short term)
  • Adding a chat on wow-pro (short term)
  • Zul'Drak, Scholazar Basin, Stormpeaks and Icecrown leveling guides (medium term)
  • Complete facelift of the site, with a lot of new cool features (medium term)
  • A guide writing contest, where the winners will possibly win Starcraft 2 beta keys and other goodies. (medium term)
  • Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley leveling guide (long term)
Feel free to comment on this and to add your suggestions!

20 Response to "WoW-Pro News!"

  1. Matteo says:

    Hey Jame, gh'evening (at least here it's evening :D). I am really happy to see another update so close to the previous one, and I'm pretty much disappointed about the few people that seems following you when you are not releasing something important. I hope users are just reading and not posting ;)

    Anyway, back on topic...

    I'm really excited to see that you keep on planning everything, I'm going to work a lot til september so I won't have much time to play wow 'til that day (at least I DO have some time to browse the internet...) and my hopes are to see the completion of the addon about around that month :) I hope you are fine and I wish you a good day :)


    jeroen says:

    No worry Matteo, im one of those only readers and no posters. But that doesnt mean i appreciate James stuff any less ;)

    Jiyambi says:

    /cheer for a chat room!

    It will be fun to be able to chat in a better fashion than comment tag.

    Stephen says:

    Hurrah! I'm headed to Zul'Drak in a week or two, so this is perfect! Thanks.

    Really looking forward to your leveling guides in rest zones, especially Zul'Drak and Scholazar Basin.

    Jame says:

    Thanks Benhir! And thanks all of you guys for the support, even if you just read and don't post :)

    An update about the chat thing. We might get our own Ventrillo for wow-pro instead, which also offers a text chat function on top of the voice chat ;)

    Not 100% sure, but stay tuned!

    Bitsem says:

    This is my first post, and I apologize if I sound noobish. It was my understanding that the add-on wouldn't be affiliated with wowmatrix and it shows up as needing to be updated on my wowmatix list. It shows the current version, which I manually installed yesterday, and all that. Just wondering if it's alright to update through matrix, or if I should stick to manual? I like the convenience, but understand your reasoning behind not including yours in matrix. I have been away from the game since Feb., so if this is something that has changed in the interim, please ignore my rambling. lol. Just want to be sure I'm using it in the way you intended. Love the guides and the add-on! All of you working on it rule!

    Matteo says:

    Dear Bitsem, I have the same problem as you and I have wrote it in the previous blog post; sadly Jame hasn't answered me yet but I hope to see some answer from him. Anyway I've updated it anyway :)

    Hi Jame :) I've been always an enthusiastic reader of your blog, especially from your DK sections.

    I've learned to love your builds, the wonderful guides and your smart advices.

    I suppose that DK community is waiting anxiously your new revisions of the Blood/Frost/Unholy/Dual trees frome the arriving of the Ulduar patch, and of course the updated links for Wowhead Talent Calculator.

    I give you my best wishes, and thanks for all your efforts.

    Storm says:

    Anyone else miss Jame? 2 weeks without anything new to read! /cry

    Drax says:

    I miss the updates too =P Was just thinkin that. I bet hes busssssy, busssssssy bussssssssy. With patch 3.1 :) heheh.

    Stephen says:

    Quick note, on the guide for 40-50, when you are in the Hinterlands, the quest for getting troll necklaces has gone from not repeatable to not available at all. Just a quick FYI.

    Oggduff says:

    Can't wait to see the new site. ;)

    Stephen says:

    I want to say, one more time, just how much I enjoy these guides. It makes me feel like I am not missing things. I'm actually leveling an alt, not because I'm worried about leveling speed (heck, I'd just fly about and do dailies for speed leveling), but because I feel like I miss less when I follow your guides.

    Thank you for making the experience more complete.

    Stephen says:

    Just a comment, on the Newest Member of the Family, if someone understands the quest, then your instructions are more than clear enough, but if they don't realize what is going on you've lost them.

    On the other hand, great stuff.

    Also, the homing robot quest in Tanaris, if you don't clear the quest enemies and fail the quest, next time you do it, they will be waiting for you. And new ones spawn too.

    (first time I slipped and got killed, second time, six scorpions were too much for me to control, but after the robot died, I killed them all),

    Third time through, no bad guys spawn, the chicken just gives you the warning.

    Kind of neat.

    Drax says:

    While were waiting for Jame to update his blog, I'd say the only issue I'm having with the in-game guides (besides addon glitches every now and then) is that I ended up with a boat load of quests I completed (such as getting some sort of Iron Staff), but never prompted to turn in. I'm following the guide to a T, but I think there was some overlap somewhere and I had a handful of quests that just kinda were forgotten about. It may have been when transitioning into Jame's guide though from the other wowpro lower level guides. Other than that, im leveling like a madman and can safely say I don't miss questhelper and whatnot one bit. I'd much rather level like this, takes the stress out of it and lets me focus on just playing the game and not worrying about mapping out my leveling.

    Storm says:

    Where are you Jame?

    Jame says:

    I'm still around. Just very busy with RL stuff right now so I had to put guide writing on hold.

    I'll be back next week full time normally :)

    jeroen says:

    I'm wondering how this guide writing contest will work, could you explain it a little bit more?

    Storm says:

    So, just something interesting, just dinged 80 after using the addon only to level. I hit 78.5 with the guides, and once i ran out proceeded to do 94 quests in Storm Peaks where I finaly hit 80, with a playing time of only 11 days 17 hours 25 minutes, which i think is incredibly fast, seeing as how my first 60 back before BC was 14 days 16 hours /played.
    Thanks so much for working so hard, it's helped more than i could have hoped for!