Leveling Addon News

Yes, I know. I'm late once again. I should have released the next chapter of the addon days ago and made a speed test with Holyjame, but I just got caught up with a lot of RL stuff.

However, I will right those wrongs tomorrow morning and do you one better:

  • I'll upload new versions of the Horde & Alliance leveling addons, including new revamped zones by me and Jiyambi (who is doing an awesome job at it by the way).
  • The default guides won't appear anymore. This means you won't have to scroll down to find the wow-pro guides ever again! It will also fix some issues people were having with guides not showing up on the list.
  • Many other minor fixes
Meanwhile, Jiyambi has started revamping the Horde Leveling Addon and is also doing speed tests with a new character she just created. Check it out on her blog !

7 Response to "Leveling Addon News"

  1. Josh BB says:

    I love it! Thank you so much for all of your work, and everyone else's work too, I don't know what I'd be doing on my Warrior right now without these guides.

    vavaboom says:

    Jame, I saw your comment on the orc shaman 1-12 blog (I can't remember the name of the writer :) And I would personally, love to see you compete with Joana's levelling speeds :P

    You could also go one better and FRAPS the entire thing, as Joana's videos are a little out of date now :)

    Jame says:

    Well yea, I could do that, but I'd have to invest in a new computer and a lot of hard drive space first ^^

    Matteo says:

    Thanks for the updates jame, appreciate it.

    I will probably use the addon in the future, as in the moment I'm in a situation where I want to play but I haven't the will to keep on the same char. I just keep creating new chars, it happens sometimes :( Guess that when it gets over I'll give a try at the horde leveling guide, but meanwhile I have to hit 80 with my lovely druid.

    Good job :)

    Stephen says:

    Thanks again!

    vavaboom says:

    I think the way Joana did it was to log out at intervals to stop recording and compress the video so it was a bit more manageable :D

    Hell I would just be happy to see how fast you could do it :)

    Thanks for your effort updating the in-game addons. Still looking forward to your new guides leading to Level 77-80, :)