Leveling Addon - New Version released!

Just released a new version for the alliance!

WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Alliance.zip v0.4:

  • My own latest chapter - Maw's Leveling Guide 12-20 - Try it, the quality is very high!
  • Also added a new revamped version of the Borean Tundra Guide (Thanks to Wizerd - also thanks to Elmo23 and NLX3647 )
  • Started to rename the files, so that it looks more organized in the list. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION OF TOURGUIDE FOR IT TO WORK.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in several other files
And you know what this means? This means we'll have another epic chapter of The Adventures of Holyjame the Paladin tomorrow!

You don't want to miss it :p

17 Response to "Leveling Addon - New Version released!"

  1. Josh BB says:

    I'm starting to notice as I'm running my DK through Outland that a good majority of things like quest givers and turn-in locations aren't waypoint mapped and it requires a little NPC hunting in order to turn-in. Am I the only one experiencing this issue with the WoW-Pro Outland guides?

    Seth says:

    the coordinates for NPC's aren't in the guide, you have to have lightheaded installed. I had the same problem too. Lightheaded a,b,c,d all need to be checked in the addon screen at the character selection screen.

    Matteo says:

    Josh, Seth as already answered you. In the Tourguide's page on wow-pro, Jame has written that Lightheaded is optional, but I have realized that is a MUST HAVE. Then, if you have Lightheaded loaded and there is still a problem of coordinates, there is probably a kind of coding mistake.

    Lightheaded is a bit "heavy" but its importance is really to big to be left off :).

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Hey Jame, just catching up with your blog. I've been out of action since December due to lay offs, but I'm getting back into things.

    I was wondering if you switched 100% of your guides to the add on, or are you still planning on having a website version like what is up over on WoW-Pro.

    Using your guides, I've just barreled my way thru Grizzly Hills on the Alliance side.

    Will you be working on a website guide for Zul'Drak? Or are you going to release the rest of your guides exclusively for the add on?

    Thanks bud. Things are looking awsome!

    Jame says:

    Hmm I'm pretty sure Lightheaded is not listed as optional on the tourguide pages we have. It's under "Mandatory" or "Needed" addons.

    @Wyrmsfire No, I will always write my guides in paper version first. I will do so for Zul'Drak and the last zones of Northrend. And then they'll be converted in TourGuide format :)

    Krar says:

    Paper Version :D Love it!

    Wyrmsfire says:

    Thanks Jame! All I wanted to know. I know you guys are working your butts off, and that leaves little time for yourself to actually enjoy the game, but it is all very much appreciated!

    Storm says:

    Been following the addon guide, and i just noticed the guide completely skipped the Dustwallow Marsh 36-38 section. I finished with desolace, and it switched to badlands after that, and says i've completed the dustwallow marsh section 100%, without me ever stepping foot there. Gonna have to backtrack to get back into the correct level range though, 1/2 to 40 but just got a level 42 level check, which is what tipped me off, may wanna check it out

    Storm says:

    38-41 level range actually, the addon seems to be glitching a bit, moving words around on the guide selection list

    Krar says:

    I ran into a little glitch myself last night when i was in stv - The raptor mastery part 4 (jungle stalkers) said it had completed, when it hadnt. I've noticed this with other quests too.

    Also many of the quests that i pick up have the "Quest not listed in your current guide" warning, even though they are.

    I do like the addon, it makes levelling much fsater, but i do feel that there are some bugs that need ironing out.

    Chris says:

    Can you finish the Horde guide already? Its really fucking annoying that it goes from 1-31 and then 51-80. Not to mention alt-tabbing is a really huge pain in the ass when you are used to doing shit in game. If you'd spend half the time you spend on the Alliance guide on the Horde guide, it probably would've been done months ago.

    Storm says:

    You should really not be complaining when this is a completely free product, and you being upset about it isn't going to help anything. These guides have been non addon for a very very long time, the addon is just spoiling us, so get over yourself =p

    Jame says:

    Hey dear Chris, if you want things to go faster, how about you help us write the addon instead of whining like an ungrateful moron?

    People like you are unbelievable, you get something for free and you dare to bitch because you're not getting it fast enough. Really gets on my nerve.

    If you're not willing to help, then all you can do is wait patiently and be quiet.

    Thank you.

    ray says:

    Hey Jame,

    I'm duplicating your leveling with a new paladin on a new server. I followed the first section of Maw's Human Guide and ended up exactly where you did, level 12 and about 2/3 of the way to 13. When starting Maw's Guide part 2 I noticed that it is split into about 5 or 6 sections. Not that it really matters, 'cause it auto-jumps to the next sections but I'm just wondering if there was a reason for this.

    Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the continuing adventure of HolyJame :D

    - Kami

    Jame says:

    Yes there is a reason for splitting the guide in several files. It is required for zone detection with TourGuide.

    Marie Ann says:

    thanks for the link

    Marie Ann

    SuNRaZ says:

    hey ... i just wanna say that u have made a very good job with this guide ... i am using it since 16 january and it is SUPER...very fast lvling...so i made a dk and i decided to use ure guide on it..i am 77 now and gonna ding 78 today ... my problem is that i hadn't seen any 78-80 section neither in the addon format nor on wow-pro...so sup?g2 redownload the addon or u haven't yet done it ?.. if not just tell me a tip for where to lvl at 78 :P

    ty a lot