My other big project: Starcraft 2

Tomorrow morning I'll reveal exactly what's that secret project I've been working on over the past few months.

Yes, it's about Starcraft 2, and yes, it will involve a website, guides, replays, news, and most importantly: an incredible community system.

If you thought the wow-pro karma system was nice, you'll be blown away by this one, it is ten times better, at the very least ;) More details about this tomorrow!

Starcraft 2 beta is launching this month, and so will my website. I know some of you who follow my blog maybe do not care much for Starcraft 2, or the whole RTS genre for that matter, but trust me, you should give Starcraft 2 a shot, it's going to be leagues beyond anything the genre has seen.

I actually played Starcraft for nearly a year, when I was 17 - 18 years old. I had a ladder ranking of 1400+ or so (if you never played the old starcraft, that was pretty decent), but was limited in my playtime because back then, there was no broadband internet available where I lived, so I played on a good old 28.8 kbit/s phone modem.

My Starcraft pro career came to a swift end during the 1998 summer holydays when my parents received a phone bill of about 2000$, which I had to pay back with the summer job money I had earned that very same summer. Good old times ;)

In any case, Starcraft was an amazing RTS, probably the most balanced RTS ever made, and the 2nd opus won't dissapoint.

So yes, from now on, Jame will not be only writing guides for WoW. I will be writing guides for Starcraft 2, and in the future for Diablo III.

This is one of the reasons why I created a Twitter account, to help people who like my guides find them quickly, no matter what website I post them on. The other reason is that Twitter will allow me to stay in touch with the wow-pro community members better. Oh and, the last reason is that Twitter is just pretty damn cool.

Add me on twitter if you don't want to miss anything:

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See you tomorrow for a big update about my Starcraft 2 project ;)

5 Response to "My other big project: Starcraft 2"

  1. Jiyambi says:

    Awesome! Starcraft II is going to be sweet, as will Diablo III. Looking forward to the new site, but also hoping we'll see some similar improvements back at good ole WoW-Pro.

    Can't wait to hear more!

    Jame says:

    Yes there will be similar improvements at wow-pro ;)

    Btw, will you be playing SC2 Ji?

    Jiyambi says:

    I most definitely will! I haven't been able to get my hands on a beta key, though several of my guild-mates have one (darn them!). But as soon as it comes out (and I have monies), both my boyfriend and I will be purchasing the game. I'm not as much of an RTS buff as he is, but I still quite enjoy them. I've been following the gameplay videos released by Blizz with excitement, SC2 looks amazing!

    Ralpbix says:

    Good luck @ your SCII project. I'm very curious about the outcome of the project.

    Jame says:

    Thank you ;)

    Check my new blog entry to see actual screenshots of the new website!