1-80 in 3 days /played with no rested bonus

Proof that my leveling guides are still quite performant.

Tizz recently posted a screenshot of the latest character he leveled up while using my leveling guides, and here's the result:

3 days 11 hours 37 minutes 47 seconds from level 1 to level 80.

Granted, he had the Heirloom items (Chest, Shoulders, Weapon) and some gold to twink his character, but still. With no rested bonus, no recruit a friend bonus and no powerleveling help from any other character, this is pretty amazing.

And this character is a shaman. Shamans are very quick levelers, but not as quick as say, hunters or death knights for example. So this score can be beat while using my leveling guides :)

If anyone is up to the challenge, I'd be curious to see this record beat!

Original post on wow-pro.

3 Response to "1-80 in 3 days /played with no rested bonus"

  1. Just started a Human rogue yesterday after seeing this post, I also have the BOA chest, shoulders, and daggers, with a little bit of gold as well, but it will be interesting for me to see how close I get to his /played. (Which I think is really amazing as my main is a shaman and they're not the fastest levelers out there.) Following the add-on guide, which so far is awesome.

    Jame says:

    Looking forward to see what kind of /played you get with your rogue :)

    Viva says:

    Just played my priest from 1-80 with your guide, no leveling gear/raff/boost or something like that.

    450 mining and 398 jc with plenty of ores in bag.

    Thanks for a really good guide :D!