Leveling Addon and other news

You've all waited long enough for it. Here's an update!
  • Big update for the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon
  • We finally got a Shadowmoon Valley questing guide. I didn't write it myself, but trust me, it's just as good
  • We've got a High Quality Naxxramas guide

Big Update for the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon

New versions out!

Alliance - v0.6.5

NEW: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight | JamesL85
REVAMP: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Zangarmarsh | Arannar
REVAMP: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Terokkar (Aldor) | Arannar
REVAMP: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Terokkar (Scryer) | Arannar
REVAMP: Jame's Alliance leveling Guide Borean Tundra | JamesL85
REVAMP: Jame's Alliance leveling Guide Howling Fjord | JamesL85
REVAMP: Jame's Alliance leveling Guide Grizzly Hills | JamesL85
MISC: Fixed the TOC. Addon will no longer appear as "out of date" | Jahwo/Jame

Horde - v0.6

REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Nagrand | Jiyambi
REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Howling Fjord | Jiyambi
REVAMP: Mannovan's Undead Starter | Skully0815
REVAMP: Snowflake's Ghostlands | Skully0815
REVAMP: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (21-31) | Jiyambi
MISC: Fixed the TOC. Addon will no longer appear as "out of date" | Jahwo/Jame

As usual, you can download the latest versions here:

Shadowmoon Valley Guide

Many people have been asking for me to write a leveling guide for that zone, and they've been waiting for nearly two years. Well now their wish has been granted!
Krowa , a wow-pro user and fan of my leveling guides, decided to take it upon herself and to write it. It looks amazing, it's just as if I wrote the guide myself, you won't tell the difference.

So props to Krowa, and also to her husband who worked on the maps. It's really a huge undertaking and you can see at first glance that they put a huge amount of effort into this guide.

So here is the guide, please test it and leave feedback:

Shadowmoon Valley Questing Guide

PS: It's Horde only. Hopefully we'll see an Alliance version in the near future.

Naxxramas Guide

Eric has been working on a very high quality 10-man Naxxramas guide over the past few weeks. So far he covered the following wings:

  • Arachnid Quarter
  • Plague Quarter
  • Military Quarter
He also made a huge list containing all the items dropping in Naxxramas. He will be releasing the rest of his guide in the coming few weeks, which will come in two separate sections:

  • Construct Quarter
  • Frostwyrm Lair
Here is the link to this awesome guide, don't forget to rate it and leave feedback!

And of course there are many more other guides being released every week, all they need is you to test them, rate them, leave feedback. All you have to do is check our frontpage regularly!

Expect more news from me in the near future ;)

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  1. Peregwyn says:

    Thank you very much, Jame!!

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    About time.

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    Thanks a lot to Jame and the other 2 users that contributed to these results. Very much appreciated.


    Vidong says:

    It's nice to hear from you. Look forward to more news from you.

    Stephen says:

    Thank you!

    Jiyambi says:

    Just wanted to add, you can even subscribe to an RSS feed that lets you know when a new guide is posted!

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    Hi! I thought your blog was cool and will visit often. In the meantime I can recommend mining guide wow.

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    Any news on updates?

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    Hope you are doing ok, really have appreciated your guides.

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    Krick says:

    In the Horde Howling Fjord tourguide module, you must turn in the quest "Suppressing the Elements" before "Keeping Watch on the Interlopers" becomes available.

    mrt says:

    What about update to 3.2?:)

    AyaJulia says:

    We miss you and your fantastic guides, Jame. Whatever seems to have pulled you away, hope everything is well.

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