Leveling Addon Speed: Horde side Chapter 2

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of udpates, I've just been busy.

However, this is going to change real soon, I'm gonna go back to my old habits and provide you with new articles several times a week.

For starters, I need to hurry up and continue with the speed testing of the WoW-Pro Leveling Add-on (Alliance). Expect a new chapter before the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Jiyambi just released the second chapter of her Speed Testing character on the horde side. Check it out, it's a good read (and you can see her wearing only underwears !)

6 Response to "Leveling Addon Speed: Horde side Chapter 2"

  1. Jiyambi says:

    Eek I'm exposed!

    Thanks for the link Jame :) Looking forward to seeing you around again. Also we really do need a chat thingy ;) You and me and Jahwo were all on at the same time, we coulda been chatting it up!

    Stephen says:

    Wow. Congrats, you are really turning out the information.

    BTW, on http://www.wow-pro.com/leveling_guides/jame_alliance_leveling_guide_dragonblight they aren't approving comments (from registered users) with much speed, but we all love your guides.

    Thanks again!

    Tobold says:

    On leveling speed using the Horde addon I found that the point that slowed me down most was there are no coordinates for finding the quest givers.

    For example I'm in the Jame's 21-31 guide to Stonetalon Mountains, take the quest Ziz Fizziks, and am told to next take the quest Goblin Invaders. Which is at the other end of the zone with no waypoint arrow to get me there. So I lose lots of time with first searching the surrounding quest givers, finding that they don't give the quest, then alt-tabbing out and checking on WoWHead where that quest starts.

    Jiyambi says:

    All quest givers and turn ins are found through Lightheaded, they are not entered manually, so you HAVE to have lightheaded to get those coordinates.

    im exitedly waiting for you to post some more DK material as it has been tremendeous! if you have the time, please post a good suggestion to end-game raiding spec both tank and DPS. ty!=)

    daemun says:

    heya jame. like erkki, i was wondering if you had a chance to parse any specs for 3.1. it looks like unholy is gonna be the way to go but i would definitely like to hear your opinion. thanks!