Leveling addon: new chapter tomorrow

Hey guys. Just a quick post to inform you that I tomorrow I should be done with the second chapter of Maw's Human Leveling Guide (12-20).

And that means that you'll be able to see Holyjame in action again! :P

Meanwhile, I've also been playing Urban Rivals a little. It's a free online card game and it's pretty fun.

I created a guild there for WoW-Pro members, we've got about 20 members already ;)

My blog followers are of course more than welcome, check this forum post I made for more info about joining.

Come join and the fun, and stay tuned for the next chapter of the adventures of Holyjame!

2 Response to "Leveling addon: new chapter tomorrow"

  1. Stephen says:

    Thought I'd add that your Badlands section you deleted Liquid Stone from the quests to do. The shopping list no longer includes the lesser potion and the health potion. I picked them up while training in Ironforge and thought the experience was worth it.

    Also, in Desolace, you have the last of the regents as probably not worth the trouble. But the appropriate Kodos and scorpions are encountered as you are doing other things and it turned out to be very easy to complete.

    Currently I'm at level 44, at the level 42ish portion of your guide for the second time through, and loving it.

    The guides make life a joy.


    Hello Jame, when will be available the next chapter? Thanks in advance. you rock Jame, You're the best.