Death Knight Shopping List

WotLK is nearing. My Death Knight Leveling Guides are ready, but there's one part I haven't done yet: the shopping list.

What I'd like to do this time is to write together a comprehensive list of items people can buy before even creating their Death Knight, to help them level it as fast and easy as possible.

This list should contain:

  • BoE Items - These need to be significant upgrades to the Death Knight Starting Blue Set and we must also make sure that there's no easily acquired quest reward equivalent for the same slot at the same level range. For example, Blade of Misfortune would be quite a nice upgrade to Greatsword of the Ebon Blade and would remain useful at least up to level 65, when we can upgrade it to a Honed Voidaxe from the Ring of Blood chain in Nagrand
  • Items for Quest turn ins - Luckily here, Dhannek already made a nice list for those in his 58-60 Death Knight Speed Leveling Guide
  • Glyph List - I already got that list covered, so no worries here
  • Consumables - Pots for faster leveling (Health Pots and Elixirs which boost DPS)
Of course, all of this will be optional and will depend on how much gold you have at your disposal, so don't worry about it.

Why am I writing all this? Because I need your help! :P
Right now, I don't have the time to make the research myself, so it would be great if we could put this list together as a joint effort. What really needs work is the BoE items list.

So please make suggestions on BoE items for each slot. Keep in mind the criterias mentioned above:

  1. Item must be a significant upgrade over the previous one
  2. Item must not have an equivalent easily acquired from a quest at this level range
  3. If possible, item must be cheap :P
If you got a suggestion, please post it under my Death Knight Shopping List Guide. If it's more convenient for you, you can also post it here and I'll take care of the rest.

14 Response to "Death Knight Shopping List"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to mention Knothide Armor Kit on my comment on your shopping list. It's cheap and can be put on almost everything. For those of us who don't want to spend too much money on real enchants.

    lemli says:

    What kind of bags do DK's get at the start? considering of making the 18 slotters for it.

    Is it possible to do the following:
    Make your DK on a account that has raf'd a lvl 59 char, summon DK to EPL and grant 4 levels to the DK and then heartstone back to start and get the talent points?

    Jame says:

    DK's cannot be summoned outside of their starting zone until they finish the whole quest line I believe. They are not actually in EPL, they are in an instanced version of it, just for DKs.

    Greg says:


    I just want to say thanks for all the killer DK stuff that you've been running. May the traffic gods smile upon you and open the floodgates. :)

    Anonymous says:

    Hi there,

    I'll start by thanking you Jame for the amazing amount of work and dedication you put in your guides. I remeber using your Alliance leveling guide straight from my mid-30 to 55, it was great.

    Now for the WotLK stuff. Like a lot of people, I plan to create a DK and level him before my other character (I have only one toon at level 70). What I _really_ like to know is, how much gold should I store for him ? My main objectives are to buy the mount and artisan riding/cold weather flying skills ASAP (level 77 if I'm not mistaken). I don't plan on leveling any professions. Not being in the beta, I don't know how much gold a DK can make (and must spend) from 55 to 77.

    If this information could be included in your future DK leveling guide, it would be great.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work !

    Jame says:

    @Lemli: They start with 4x 12-Slot bags, so yes investing in 18-slot bags is a good idea

    @Baptiste: Well, technically you don't need to spend anything for your DK while leveling. They don't even need food and pots are only used when you play recklessly (like AoE 8 mobs :P) or try to take on tough elites.

    So basically all the money you make while leveling can be saved for the mounts.

    From 55 to 70 you should make something in between 1K and 2K, depending on how your server economy is and your luck on drop rates.

    From 70 to 80, following my quest circutis in Northrend you should make about 4K-5K, once again depending on drops, server economy and AH skills

    Anonymous says:

    @Jame : thanks for the quick answer. Following what you say, I'll try to answer my own question.

    - The non-flying DK mount comes as a quest rewars, so no money involved here.

    - To fly at 100% speed, a DK needs his flying mount (1K) and expert riding skill (800 gold). Total = 1800 gold.

    - To fly at 280% speed in Northrend, he needs artisan riding skill (5K) and cold weather flying (1K). Total = 6K.

    Not taking faction discounts into account, the grand total for flying at maximum speed at 77 is around 8K. Following what you say and assuming no special luck or AH skills, a DK should have earned around 4K by level 77.

    So storing 4K gold before the expansion hits should be enough to purchase mount and skills on the way to 80. Am I right ?

    Sebbe says:

    Hello again! :)

    I'm wondering if it's worth farming for all the things in "Dhannek’s Death Knight Level 58-60 Speed Leveling Guide" or if you have something else in mind in your guide :> I realize that this is a touchy subject and completely understand if you wish not to reveal anything just yet ^^

    Anonymous says:

    Are there any cheap frostweave bags (comparable to netherweave bag) available? All I could find on wowhead was Frostweave Bag which seems to be a replacement for Imbued Netherweave Bag though.

    Jame says:

    @baptiste Yes, that's correct :)

    @sebbe The shopping lists are really optional. Whether it's worth it or not entirely depends on you. It won't make a huge difference, but it will make you level a little faster and with more ease.
    Of course, you will still reach level 80 without any problems even if you buy nothing from that list. It's mostly for people who want to level their DK up to 80 as fast as possible. If you'd buy everything from that list, it would make you save a few hours in terms of leveling speed. So it's up to you to decide if it's worth it or not.

    @Michael As far as I know, the new "cheap" bags from WotLK will be Frostweave Bags. 20-slot. Not sure how much they'll cost.

    Sebbe says:

    Ok, well are you going to include a simular part in your guide? or should I follow his and then jump right into yours at level 60? And if you do have that part included, will the shopping list come out before the guide so we have time to farm? xD


    Jame says:

    I'm already working on that list Sebbe, it should be finished within 2 days. Here's the link:

    DK Shopping List 55-70

    So yes you can start farming :)

    Sebbe says:

    Superb! :D

    Corcontas says:

    Fantastic work, both yours and Dhannek's. I have been first gaining some gold, and now I was thinking about doing something like this.

    Right now I was getting the mats and recipes to level cooking also, so that my DK can start making his own buff food right from the beggining. I'll end up having to make another mule to keep all this stuff!!